Get a new Mac and save hundreds in the Apple Store sale!

Special offers from Apple - save hundreds if you know where to look!

Apple isn’t known for discounting its products. It sells premium products at a premium price, but if you know where to look you can save hundreds on new Macs and other items. Grab a bargain!

Some people are familiar with how Apple sells hardware like MacBooks, iMacs, iPads, and other kit. However, not everyone knows the secret to saving hundreds of dollars, or whatever your currency is, when buying a new Mac, so it is worth repeating occasionally.

If you think a new Mac is expensive and out of your price range, take another look at the sale prices. You can have the Mac of your dreams and save a lot of money on the normal price too. You just need to know where to find these bargain items.

Open a web browser and go to the Apple website. In the US this is but elsewhere you need to go to your own country’s site. For example, in the UK you should go to or you won’t see the right sale items.

The Refurbished Store

Scroll right down to the bottom of the page and in a small font is Refurbished. Click it.

Apple Refurbished Store

On the next page, choose the category of products you are looking for. Let’s look at the Macs. Click Shop now.

Shop for bargains at the Apple Store

There is a menu on the left to select 13in or 15in MacBooks, 21.5 or 27in iMacs and other items. At the top of the page are a couple of featured items and below are some bargains.

Apple Refurbished Store bargains

I’m going to select the 13in MacBook Pro category on the left, but there are many more items, like MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, iMacs and so on, so select whatever you want.

The items for sale change every day and a couple of 13in MacBook Pros were on sale when I looked.

Apple Refurbished Store bargains

Looking at the price on the right, one is $1,099 saving $200 and the other is $1,269 saving $230. The price difference is due to the cheaper one having a 128GB SSD and the more expensive one has a 256GB SSD.

Those are big savings!

There are a couple of things to remember when buying these cut-price Macs. One is that the items are refurbished. This means that they may be new, but they might have been used as demo models.

However, Apple treats refurbished kit as if it were new. You can gets same warranty, same service, same packaging, and so on. You can’t tell refurbished kit from brand new.

Check the date. The two MacBooks highlighted above were originally released in March 2015. This does not mean that the Macs have been used for a year, in fact they may never have been used and they could be new. It is just Apple’s way of naming MacBook models when they are refreshed with an updated specification. These are March 2015 spec.

The reason the date is important is because Apple drops support for older hardware when OS X, soon to be called macOS, is updated. A 2015 MacBook will be supported for years to come, but I found a 2012 MacBook for sale. It was cheap, but in a couple of years it might not run the latest macOS.

Apple Refurbished Store bargains

Also, more recent models are more powerful and more highly specified than older models. The old 2012 model has a mechanical disk drive instead of an SSD, an old style low resolution LED screen instead of the newer retina display, and older Intel HD graphics 4000 instead of Intel Iris Graphics 6100. It's cheaper because the specifications are older and less powerful.

Take care. Choose a recent MacBook or iMac model that is dated either this year or last year. Apart from that, go for it and save a bundle on your new Mac!



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