Install Windows 10 on your Apple Mac in Boot Camp

Windows 10 is hereat last and it is like nothing you have seen before. Will you install it on your Apple Mac? Do you have the disk space? Will it even run? To see what it is like, I tried installing it on a 2012 MacBook Pro.

The result was pretty good actually. It does indeed run and it runs rather well. Microsoft's new operating system is very different to OS X, but it is excellent in its own way and the range and variety of software is greater. Some people just can't seem to get by without it and there are tools and applications that just aren't available on Apple Macs.

Installing Windows 10 on an Apple Mac is the same as it has been for years and the tool to use is Boot Camp. I used the OS X Yosemite version on the Mac and a SanDisk Cruzer USB flash memory drive or thumb drive as it is often called.

The other requirement is a copy of Windows 10 in the form of a .iso disc image. I used the free beta that can be downloaded from the Microsoft website, but this will be taken down soon and replaced by the release version of Windows 10. You will need to download the .iso disc image on your Mac, if it is available, or get it from someone with a Windows PC to download it from the Windows Store. It has to be a legal version (pirate copies may not work) and you must have a license key.

When Boot Camp is run, There are three options and if you do not already have Windows installed on the Mac, Boot Camp looks like this with three options. Tick them all.

Boot Camp Apple Mac

If you do have Windows in a Boot Camp partition, just tick the first two options. The third one is called Remove Windows 7 or later version. You could do this, but there is no need and leaving it gives you more options when installing Windows.

You are asked to select the .iso image, which could be in the Downloads folder or wherever you have stored it, and the thumb drive. Make sure you don't accidentally select another disk drive - you need a USB thumb drive of at least 8GB. It does not need to be empty because the Boot Camp tool will format it.

Boot Camp Apple Mac

After a bit of activity behind the scenes, Boot Camp then lets you allocate space between OS X and Windows. The amount needed is 30GB for Windows 10 plus whatever space you need for software, photos, music, and videos. Just drag the divider to adjust the space.

Write down the sizes or memorise them, because it helps you to identify which partition to use when installing Windows. If you allocate 50GB for example, when you come to install Windows you can select the 50GB partition.

Boot Camp on the Apple Mac

This step is skipped if you already have Windows in a Boot Camp partition because the same partition is used.

Now the files from the Windows .iso image are written to the thumb drive. Afterwards, the Mac will restart to install Windows.

If Boot Camp is already installed, go to System Preferences, Startup Disk and select Boot Camp. Restart the Mac and hold down the Option key as soon as the screen turns gray. This lists the boot drives and you can select the thumb drive, which will launch the Windows installer.

Windows will install in the usual manner, just remember to select the right partition, which can be identified by the size or the Boot Camp name.Windows 10 works OK, but it can be improved by installing the Boot Camp drivers from the thumb drive. Run Explorer after Windows has installed, open the thumb drive, open the BootCamp folder and double click setup.

This adds drivers for the Wi-Fi, Trackpad and graphics. You will not have an internet connection until you install the BootCamp drivers. The Trackpad still is not fully functional and it only supports a left click. Windows uses a lot of right clicking though, and it is awkward to use until this is sorted.

Go to the system tray at the right side of the taskbar, click the little up arrow to view the icons and click Boot Camp. Open the Boot Camp tool. You can also open it from the Control Panel, which is surprisingly difficult to find in Windows 10. Search doesn’t work at first, probably because it takes time to index the disk. For a few minutes I struggled to find the Control Panel, but once the Boot Camp tool is run, you can configure the trackpad. Tap for a left mouse click and two-finger tap for a right click. It makes Windows so much easier to use.

Windows 10

So Windows 10 is up and running on my Mac and working well now.





Having troubles with the right-click menu and this was just what I needed. Thank you!

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