Keep being asked for your iCloud password?

There is a teeny tiny bug in OS X and iOS that more than a few people have come across and it is related to iCloud. Everything can be running smoothly on your Apple Mac, iPhone or iPad when suddenly you are asked to enter your iCloud password to log in. People with Macs, iPads and iPhones have all suffered from this, but there is a solution.

When it first happened to me, I dismissed the prompt because it had never occurred before, so why should it suddenly appear now? Besides, I’m always very suspicious of pop-ups asking for login details for sites and services. It could be malware, but wait a minute, this is a Mac and Macs don’t get malware right? (Actually they do, but it is a great deal more rare than with Windows.)

I went to the Apple menu, System Preferences, and opened iCloud and everything looked fine. I was logged in to the service OK and so it was a puzzle why I should be asked to sign in again.

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The next time it occurred, I got an iCloud sign in pop-up message on the screen for every single app on the Mac that uses iCloud, such as Mail, Calendar, Reminders, Notes, FaceTime, Calendar and so on. I dismissed them all and despite the messages, I had no problems using the apps or iCloud. Then the single sign in returned.


Some sort of malware was a remote possibility of course, but after thoroughly checking the system with ClamXav, it was found to be clean.

It turns out that there are quite a few other people with a similar problem and it seems that iCloud sometimes gets in a bit of a muddle with your account. It needs clearing out and restarting.

The solution is to go to System Preferences, iCloud and clear all the ticks so that you are no longer syncing anything to iCloud. You should also go into every Apple app (FaceTime, Calendar, Messages, iTunes, Reminders, Notes and any other app you can think of), check the preferences in each app and if you are signed in to iCloud then sign out.

After disabling all the iCloud sync options in System Preferences and every single Apple app, return to iCloud in System Preferences and tick all the boxes again to start syncing once more. You might also need to sign in again with FaceTime and the other apps you signed out of. I don’t think you need to restart the Mac, but try it if you still have problems.

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The iPhone and iPad are similar. In fact, you might need to sign out everywhere on the Mac and the iPhone and iPad at the same time. Go to Settings and select iCloud. Turn off all the options. Go into the settings for every Apple app like Mail, FaceTime, Calendar, Reminders and so on, and make sure you are signed out of iCloud. When you have signed out everywhere you can think of, turn all the sync options back on and sign in everywhere you signed out.

iCloud on iOS

After signing out everywhere, possibly rebooting, and signing back in, you should now find that the iCloud sign-in problem has gone away and the prompts no longer appear on the screen.





thanks for your post. I almost reformat my Mac. You saved the day. Thanks.

Thanks for your digging around for a solution.

Thanks for posting about it. I had all the same thoughts :-)

How do you get it to stop if you don't use iCloud, have never used icloud, don't plan on using iCloud?

<p>If you don't use any iCloud features, then turn them all off in System Preferences on the Mac and Settings on the iPhone/iPad. Does that not solve the problem?&nbsp;</p>

Mine won't stop nagging me for a login, continually interrupting my important activities. I have all the setting items off, except I can't turn off find iPad, as again it wants some passwords.

I am having the same problem. I do not use iCloud nor do I want to. I just hit Cancel when prompted but it never goes away. I usually end up just dragging the dialogue box down and out of the way, but it's annoying to work around. How can we get this prompt do disable without signing in?


<p>It seems that some people have solved this problem, but others haven't. I think that it is important to remember that many people have multiple devices and you have to sign out of iCloud everywhere. On the Mac, go to System Preferences, iCloud. Turn everything off and then and sign out. Go to Internet Accounts and clear the ticks against everything associated with iCloud, open iTunes and FaceTime and sign out. Sign out of every Apple/iTunes/App Store/iCloud account. Do the same on your iPhone and iPad, and sign out of everything - you are logged in to either iTunes or iCloud in multiple places like Mail, FaceTime, iTunes, App Store, and so on. After signing out everywhere, switch off the computer, iPhone and iPad, switch back on and sign in to everything.</p>

No doubt that Apple has turned into another Monster. Like Google with its Gmail. Both do everything in order to control you and to take over your life. I hate ALL "cloud" garbage. This is one of their way to control your computer. I use just DropBox, very limited though. I'm going to move my email accounts to non-US independent email services. I don't use iPhone, but Samsung Galaxy J7. J2 is another option. Both cost 1/3 of full blown galaxy. And I ONLY use the phone for ONLY phone calls here and there and messages. That is ALL. But even this phone which looks exactly like the most expensive galaxy, I'm going to sell and buy a cheap Flip Phone, which is half size and easy to carry. I even thinking of going back to Windows after 10 years on Mac.

Hi, I changed my Apple ID in iTunes/Store across 3 devices and have managed to change it on two devices for iCloud. I have an iPhone 5 that still shows the old iCloud ID. When I go into iCloud in Settings it has a Sign Out option but when I press to sign out it asks me for the old ID password which I don't have. How do I delete the old ID in iCloud so I can put the new ID in please? Thank you

<p>According to Apple (<a href=""></a>) you need to sign out of FaceTime or iMessage and then sign back in. Your Apple ID and password is used in multiple places and signing out of iCloud in Settings is not enough. You need to go into the settings for every Apple app and sign out - iCloud, iTunes &amp; App Store, Mail, Contacts &amp; Calendars, Notes, Reminders, Messages, FaceTime, Game Center, Videos, Music.</p>

Change your Macs for another system. Or get Apple to solve the problem


i have same thing thats happening except it wants the apple id password for an id i havent used in two years, i have since switched to another one, my itunes is under the new one, everything is so i cant go and sign out of icloud because it wants me to input password for old apple id

I've had the same problem ever since I upgraded to 8.1.2. The best advice I have had is to delete the iCloud account,since I don't use it. Go to settings, iCloud, sign-out, this will delete the account and stop the constant pop-ups. You can set-up another account if you ever want.

I have this problem but do not, or ever had, an iCloud account that I can delete. So since I have never been anywhere near iCloud how is it still possible to get these annoying prompts?

with you... I don't have icloud, I don't have safari... I don't have an apple computer what I have is the icloud prompt everything I do with itunes... used to pop up once, now... every time I do anything, connect the ipod, prompt is back a lot of people are complaining.... every upgrade brings a new experience

Per the Apple site the solution is to completely sign out of icloud and then sign back in. Especially if you restored your phone from a backup on an old phone. It's possible that it's still retaining some of the old settings and mucking things up.

Thank you, this worked!,,, what a pain. But thanks once again!,,,

Well, my iPhone won't even let me connect to the wifi with the pop up box, and I can't reset anything nor turn anything off in the iCloud because it said verification failed.

Here is what worked for me. The iCloud pop up message kept asking for the password for my email address. No matter how many times I entered the email password,it didn't work. I reset my email password and created a new one (as instructed). You can't use the same password or one that you have used in the past year. The new password was accepted. I entered this when the iCloud pop up came up again and everything is back to normal.

I thought Apple Mac did not get viruses that's what I've been told, so I bought an iMac desktop and paid like $2,000 for it. After about a year with it I got a nasty virus so I had to restore my iMac and install a antivirus. Now I got the Yosemite version 10.10.3 and when I tried to login it asked me to enter iCloud password. I tried to enter my password and it wouldn't login. I have to say I am very disappointed with Apple so much that I want to sell my desktop and go with windows at least their price is more resenable!

laughing, I joke that I stay with MS because I can have the same frustrations for less cost... itunes... I no longer purchase audiobooks, missing chapters and pages, big argument each time, they don't understand I thought I was purchasing the entire book I don't purchase as much music, more difficult to shop, the mini sample, not enough to really know what you are getting, big hassle when it is really awful after a few seconds hate updates, changes too often require wasted time trying to work things that used to work, or... hidden, like hiding my ipod so I can't figure out how to put music on it... etc.....

if I turn these off my iphone (prompt on my Mac) will I be able to reactivate sync on my phone once problem gone away?

<p>You can turn everything off and when you turn everything on again the phone or Mac goes back to normal.</p>

Many thanks for taking the time to post and help folk.

Try starting FaceTime then go to the FaceTime menu and select Preferences. If you have never used FaceTime before you will need to sign in with your Apple ID. You can then clear the tick against Enable this account. If you don't use FaceTime on the Mac then sign out. This should stop the FaceTime message on Startup. As for iCloud, there are lots of suggestions above. iCloud is used in so many places it is hard to find them all, FaceTime preferences is an example,&nbsp;but if you do sign out everywhere then you should find the messages go away once you sign in again.

Sooo, i have never ever used the icloud and don't intend to, and it keeps asking me for the password, it is already turned off from settings.... help please? Thank you and sorry for my english...

Thank you!!!

Hi, I still seem to be having trouble with my iPhone. it wont let me onto any apps as it keeps coming up to 'Sign into iTunes store' and when I enter my correct password for my apple ID, it says 'Cannot connect to iTunes store'. I've tried signing in and out of my iCloud account and it still won't work. Any suggestions? Please and thanks

iCloud is one of the worst inventions ever. I DON’T want apple to have all of my data and i DON’T need to synch all the rubbish i have on all my devices. IF however i want data to be transferred from one of my devices to another, i do it MANUALLY and still save more time than i would waste on getting rid of all the useless services that apple offers. When will it sicker into developers heads, that if you offer services, you HAVE TO offer a way out. It is the MOST natural order and probably the ONLY constant in the universe, that everything that comes to existence WILL eventually die. Please apple stop wasting my time.

Absolutely! I couldn't agree more. Although I don't know what "sicker into" means at all.

So turn it off on your iDevices and Mac and stop bitching.

like installing u2 into my library without asking... twice... like nanny government, they know what is best for us ;-) I resent the time I waste trying to work around their failings I love my ipod, but it takes more time to use than it should and I agree, all the failings considered... I will never use icloud

Thank you so much - I was just about at the end of my tether when I started getting these prompts on my iPad every 3 seconds after I had to change my email address and Apple ID, but this fixed the problem immediately !

Thank you so much - I was just about at the end of my tether when I started getting these prompts on my iPad every 3 seconds after I had to change my email address and Apple ID, but this fixed the problem immediately !

Thanks for posting this - if I uncheck any app in iCloud settings, will I lose any data? It's very confusing....

iOS, Apple apps and third party apps that store data in iCloud will stop syncing when you sign out. When you sign back in, syncing will start again. No data is lost. iCloud is really just to keep everything in sync, so if you are signed in and make a Calendar appointment on your phone, it appears in Calendar on your Mac. If you are signed out you won't see it.

If the apple Apple ID you have is set to use two factor authentication (as I do) its worth remembering that applications iMessage and facetime uses a unique app specific password - so just putting in your regular Apple ID password won't solve the problem Go to manage Apple ID on the Web, login to My Apple ID and you can generate app specific passwords there for FaceTime and iMessage and use this password instead.

Toasted is right and the confusing thing is that the enter iCloud password prompt gives no indication that it is expecting anything other than your usual AppleID password. The prompt also does not indicate it is asking for FaceTime or iMessage. All this came up due to my needing to change my Apple ID. Finally, after a restart I got a prompt to generate an app-specific password, which I did and entered into the iCloud password box. Of course I had to go though the process a second time and generate a second app-specific password. Once I entered the second new password, the computer seemed satisfied. Knock on wood.

THANKS So my constant dread of seeing this pop up is now over. I went through several different things like un-ticking all the i-Cloud checkboxes, signing in and out of i-Cloud and so on round and round. This time i was trying to be systematic about the apps and looking for any kind of i-cloud sharing. I got to face time signed in with my Apple ID password. My ID was already entered just above. It took a while then showed me signed in with the associated email accounts. no more pop up. i then signed out again and will not be using I-cloud from here on out as it kept telling me that it wanted to delete i-cloud contacts or 'whatever' from my mac. Surly they can't be making it mandatory to store important info only on the cloud? That can't be it can it? B;~}

I never sign in in iCloud, I never used it and don't what to hear about it. But iTunes 12.2.2 continues to tell that my iCloud session has ended and shows me a dialog box with my App store login and asks the password…

dear who ever wrote this it didn't work I need to no if my phone is broke cause I'm getting scared now I don't no what to do and I'm getting annoyed because it keeps popping up on my screen

dear who ever wrote this it didn't work I need to no if my phone is broke cause I'm getting scared now I don't no what to do and I'm getting annoyed because it keeps popping up on my screen

This process did nothing for my problem, which is what the article describes PLUS a pop-up that ask to authorize my Mac from another device. Signing off and signing on again did nothing. Within two days the opo-ups show up again. It must either be a iCloud problem that has nothing to do with my Mac (everything in icloud works fine even when I ignore the pop-ups), OR it’s a bug within Apple software that has nothing to do with current status, it’s just sending the pop-ups to the screen. Apple, FIX THIS! And NEXT time TEST YOUR SOFTWARE! Apple is becoming too much like Microsoft of the late 2002.

If everything from the above fails for whatever reason the last resort you can do the following: Open terminal cd ~/Library/Keychains ls When you 'ls' here you will see a folder that contains a bunch of random number liks so: 94ED610F-DD96-4ECF-A2BC-7D2F8651A464 (this number is unique on each system) rm -rf 94ED610F-DD96-4ECF-A2BC-7D2F8651A464 Reboot <when you log back in everything should be back to normal>

If everything from the above fails for whatever reason the last resort you can do the following: Open terminal cd ~/Library/Keychains ls When you 'ls' here you will see a folder that contains a bunch of random number liks so: 94ED610F-DD96-4ECF-A2BC-7D2F8651A464 (this number is unique on each system) rm -rf 94ED610F-DD96-4ECF-A2BC-7D2F8651A464 Reboot <when you log back in everything should be back to normal>

My problem is similar, but not the same. I use an icloud account to log into my Mac. The password for logging in and my icloud were the same. I changed my icloud password, but the local password never changed.

I once changed my password and was amazed at the number of different places it is stored. I was still updating apps and services a month later! You need to log out everywhere - go into every Apple app on every device, go to System Preferences on OS X, Settings on iOS, and so on. Log out everywhere and then log back in.


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