Mac shortcuts you probably don’t know that save time and effort

Learn some new keyboard shortcuts to work faster on your Apple Mac

Keyboard shortcuts enable you to work faster with your Mac. They perform tasks and fuctions instantly and they save you having to go through menus searching for the right command. Here are some great shortcuts.

There are so many keyboard shortcuts that they are impossible to remember, so you will only be able to remember a few of your favourites.

The more you use a shortcut, the easier it will be to remember it. Use them so you don't forget!

Sleep, restart, shut down

The way that most people put the Mac into sleep mode, restart it or shut down is to go to the Apple menu and select the option they want. However, there are keyboard shortcuts that speed up the process.

Hold down the Control key and press the Eject button or Power button if you don't have Eject. This displays a small window with buttons to Restart, Sleep, Cancel and Shut Down. Click the one you want.

Shut down, restart or sleep the Apple Mac with these keyboard shortcuts

There are some other related keyboard shortcuts.

If you don't have an Eject button on the keyboard, use the power button.

Control + Eject = Show Restart, Sleep, Shutdown options

Command + Option + Eject = Go straight to sleep

Command + Control + Eject = Restart immediately

Command + Control + Option + Eject = Shut down immediately

The power button does more than you think. For example, if the Mac becomes unresponsive and you either cannot select Shut Down on the Apple menu or when you select it nothing happens, there is an emergency power off feature. Hold down the power button for at least five seconds and the power is instantly cut.

This is not a good way to shut down and files can be corrupted if they are open. However, if the Mac won't turn off it may be your only option.

A quick press of the power button puts the Mac into sleep mode and it is the same as selecting Sleep on the Apple menu. It is the same as closing the lid of a MacBook, but without having to close the lid. Briefly press the power button to wake the Mac from sleep.

That Control + Eject shortcut we saw earlier can also be activated by pressing the power button for 1.5 seconds. Try it, and the window above appears with the same options.

Don't hold down the power button too long or the Mac will instantly power off.

Control + Command + Power button = Force the Mac to restart

Control + Shift + Eject (or power button) = Put the displays to sleep

Shift + Command + Q = Log out with a nice message asking to confirm

Option + Shift + Command + Q = Log out immediately without asking



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