Make superb photo collages on your Mac with CollageFactory Free

CollageFactory is a free app for the Apple Mac that enables you to create collages like this

What do you do with the photos you take on your phone or digital camera? Are they forgotten about? Never viewed? Turn them into exciting collages for free with this great Mac app.

You probably have hundreds of photos that are doing nothing and are rarely seen, but you can change all that with a collage that presents a group of photos in an attractive way.

For example, you could use a photo collage to tell a story and up to 10 photographs can be placed on a collage. It might be a party, a wedding, a trip or holiday. Whatever the event, you can drag and drop the photos into a ready-made template that shows them off in the best possible way.

The finished collage can be shared in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or wherever you want. It could also be printed and framed and hung on your wall. It is up to you.

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Here’s how to use CollageFactory Free to create a collage. First open the Mac App Store and search for ‘CollageFactory’. There are two search results: CollageFactory Pro and Photo Collage Maker - CollageFactory Free. This how-to guide uses the free collage maker.

Select a template

CollageFactory free collage maker for the Apple Mac

When the app starts you must select a template. This can be a blank portrait or landscape page, or you can select one of the ready-made templates.

The templates consist of collages and cards. There are 43 collages and they consist templates with blank spaces for 2 to 10 photos in a variety of arrangements.

In the cards section are two blank ones, five Christmas, five New Year, two thanksgiving, and five Valentine’s Day card templates.

Customise the layout

CollageFactory free collage maker for the Apple Mac

The template appears with placeholders for the photos. The borders, shadows and opacity can all be adjusted. You can also click and drag the placeholders around to move them, photo placeholders can be added or removed.

It’s quite flexible and the undo function (Command+Z) enables you to step back through the changes if you need to.

The size of the collage is selected from a menu of predefined sizes and it can be up to 1800 x 1200 pixels in landscape or portrait.

Add photos

CollageFactory free collage maker for the Apple Mac

The next step is to add photos. You don’t need to add the exact number and you can select multiple photos. They are stored in the tray on the left side and then they can be dragged and dropped into the template.

There are options to shuffle the layout and shuffle the images. Shuffling the layout leads to disaster (undo with Command+Z), but shuffling the images is useful and you can see how the collage looks with the photos in different slots.

A minor irritation here is that you cannot access photos in the Photos library. You must copy them out into an ordinary folder, and then they can be loaded.

Add text

CollageFactory free collage maker for the Apple Mac

The text tool enables you to type in a title or some other text and then drag it to wherever you want it on the collage. There is a collection of over 20 special effects that change plain text into fancy text with shadows, rainbow colour schemes, outlines and so on.

The font, size and alignment can all be configured too.

Change the background

CollageFactory free collage maker for the Apple Mac

The background is plain white by default, but it is easily customised. There is a collection of images and a collection of patterns that can be applied. A single colour can be selected or a gradient using two colours can be defined.

Save and export

CollageFactory free collage maker for the Apple Mac

The collage can be saved when it is finished and this enables it to be reloaded for editing, swapping the photos with different ones and so on.

It can also be exported and JPG, PNG and TIFF file formats are available. The JPG quality can be selected using a simple slider.

Create a collage on your Apple Mac

There you have it. A great collage that you can share online, print out, set as the Mac’s desktop image, email, and so on. CollageFactory is free, easy to use and works well.

There is a Pro version with more features if you need them.



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