Monitor the stock market and your investments on your Mac

Use your Apple Mac to track share prices on the stock market using the Today Stocks widget and Stockfolio, an inexpensive app in the Mac App Store

The state of the stock markets around the world affects all of us in one way or another. Stockfolio is a great app for the Apple Mac that enables you to follow the ups and downs of share prices.

Most people have investments in stock markets one way or another and some savings schemes and pension funds for example, are used to buy shares in companies. Your savings or the value of your pension might be linked to the fortunes of the stock markets too.

Some people invest directly in the stock markets and buy or sell company shares. The prices rise and fall on a minute by minute basis, and despite a few crashes over the years, there is money to be made if you can time it just right. Knowing when to buy or sell is the key and this means monitoring the markets and watching what is happening to the share prices.

Share prices are often volatile and they constantly change while the stock markets are open. It is surprising how much they can change over the course of a day, especially when there is either good news or bad news.

Whether you have invested directly in the stock markets or not, it can be fascinating to watch the changes in individual prices and the fluctuating index for the market as a whole. It affects businesses and even the whole country.

Use the macOS Today Stocks widget

There are several ways to track the indices of stock markets and individual company share prices. For example, click the icon in the top right corner of the screen to open the Today panel on the Mac's desktop.

If stocks are not displayed, click the Edit button at the bottom of the panel and click the plus button next to Stocks. Click Done at the bottom and the Stock markets and a few selected companies are displayed in the Today panel.

Stocks Today widget on Apple Mac

There are many stock markets around the world and you might want to add the main ones that are used in your country, and share prices for companies on that market. The default list of items might not be that useful and it is up to you to add the markets and companies you want to monitor.

Mouse over the Stocks widget and click the (i) button that appears on the right. The red minus button next to each item is used to remove any items you do not need. A plus button at the bottom enables you to search for companies and markets and add them to the list of items to be monitored.

The Stocks widget in the Today panel is limited to showing the current stock market or share price. The percentage change is displayed and red and green are used to show whether the price is down or up on the start of the day.

What this widget lacks is any form of history. Although you can see a rising market or share price, it does not help that much if it crashed recently and is still way down on an earlier peak. It is best to look at historical data and how the indices or share prices have changed over time. A better source of information is required.

Monitor stock prices and your portfolio with Stockfolio

Stockfolio is an app in the Mac App Store that enables you to track the ups and downs of the prices of stocks on various stock markets around the world in a much more detailed way than with the macOS Stocks widget. The markets include US and UK stock markets like the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, London Stock Market and many others.

Stockfolio app for the Apple Mac stock market monitor

Using the search box in the top right corner, you can find stocks by entering the name. This displays a list of markets (international companies are often in several), and you can select the one you want.

This displays a large chart in the centre of the window that showis the ever-changing price - it is updated every few minutes with fresh information. The chart time scale can be from one day to two years and as the mouse moves over the chart, the price and percentage change and trading volume can be seen on any day.

Three types of chart are available, so you can see the data in different ways. It is very useful being able to see historical performance of a stock and you can see the direction it is heading over the long term.

Stockfolio for the Apple Mac stock market monitor

The one day chart is live, sort of. I found it displayed prices that were around 20 minutes old. This is standard and is something you need to be aware of when you are buying or selling. Getting real live data is expensive and stock markets don't give it away - they charge a lot. Stockfolio's data is probably as good as you can get for free.

Stocks can be added to the watch list in the sidebar. Multiple watchlists can be created, such as for different markets or even for sectors within a market, such as tech or utilities. Clicking a watched stock makes it the current item on the Chart and Stock details tabs.

You can also add the watched item to your portfolio and this can also used to record purchases and sales of stocks. After buying or selling shares (not in the app itself), just add them in the app. The portfolio view shows the current prices and the gains and losses. A bar chart shows this clearly and you can see the actual figures too.

Stockfolio for the Apple Mac stock market monitor

There is a circular chart on the left that can show the value, cost and shares. It makes it easy to see what portion of your portfolio each stock makes up.

Below the charts is a listing of all your stocks showing the number of shares, cost, market value, gain, and so on.

Stockfolio for the Apple Mac stock market monitor

Another useful feature of Stockfolio is the news feeds on the right on the home screen. Its shows Twitter news tweets relavant to companies in the stock market. It is useful to keep an eye on them because news affects prices.

Stockfolio is a great app and it is cheaply priced. It is best for casual investors that want to make long term investments in the stock markets over weeks, months or years and it is not day traders looking to buy and sell in minutes or hours.

If you have stocks or plan to buy some, this app enables you monitor the price and see the winners and losers in your portfolio at a glance. It is recommended.

App: Stockfolio
Price: UK £12.99 / US $12.99
By: Pandaris BVBA
Size: 11MB
macOS: 10.10
Verdict: A nice app for monitoring the stocks in your investment portfolio




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