Pin tabs in Safari and save your favourite websites

Safari is the default web browser on the Apple Mac is is a favourite of many Mac users

Do you have several favourite websites that you regularly visit every day? One way to make them easier to access is to add them as bookmarks, but there is a better way. Pin them in Safari.

Pinned sites are a great feature in Safari and they enable you to keep an eye on them and switch to them much more easily than with a bookmark.

Keep a few pinned sites in Safari and you can switch to them with a single click and see what the latest news or posts are.

A pinned website is a special type of tab. In fact, a pinned site starts out as a regular tab and it is turned into a pin. Here’s how to use them.

Open two or more tabs in Safari and then click and drag a tab to the left side of the browser window.

Create a pinned tab in Safari on the Mac by dragging a tab over to the left hand edge of the browser window

The tab shrinks and turns into an icon - a pinned tab. Repeat the process with more of your favourite websites. I chose to pin Twitter and Facebook, but you can choose any sites you regularly visit.

Use pinned tabs in Safari on the Apple Mac to save your favourite websites and make them easier to access

The icons at the left side of the tab bar are like tiny tabs. Click one of these icons and you switch to that pinned tab.

Another way to pin a tab is to right click or Ctrl+click a tab in Safari. Click Pin Tab in the menu that is displayed.

Right click a tab in Safari on the Apple Mac and select Pin tab to create a new pinned tab

If you decide you no longer want a website on a pinned tab, right click the tab and select Unpin Tab on the menu.

Right click a pinned tab in Safari on the Apple Mac and select Unpin Tab from the menu

Advantages of pinned tabs

There are several advantages and one is that the pinned tabs take up much less space in the tab bar. Tabs shrink as more are opened and those that you want to keep open can be shrunk to save space.

Another advantage is that they are persistent. Close Safari and the next time you open it, the pinned tabs are still there. They act like both tabs and bookmarks, a sort of cross between the two.

Just open Safari, click a pinned tab and your favourite site is there, without having to enter a URL or find a bookmark.

Another interesting feature of pinned tabs is that you can browse within a website, but if you click a link that takes you away from the site, it opens in a new tab. The pinned tab remains on the site and you never leave it.

This is a bit like the way you can right click a link on a web page and select Open Link in New Tab. You just click a link on a pinned tab and it does it automatically.



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