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Avira AntivirusApple Macs are much less likely to be infected by malware like viruses, Trojans and other nasties than Windows computers, but they are not completely immune. There have been some well publicised virus infections in recent years and large numbers of Macs were affected by malware such as the Flashback Trojan, OSX/Crisis and others. Yes, the Mac is safer, but it is not 100% safe. It is certainly worth considering a security program like Free Avira Antivirus for Mac to boost the protection of your Mac.

There are tens of thousands of viruses for Windows PCs, but relatively few for the Mac. Even if you manage to avoid Mac viruses, you can still harbour and pass on Windows viruses to your friends, relatives and work contacts. Many viruses are attached to emails and while they may not execute on the Mac, you could forward an email with malware to someone with a Windows computer, thinking that it is harmless.

One of the features of Free Avira Antivirus for Mac is that it can detect Windows viruses in addition to threats to OS X on your Mac. It will detect and clean up infections so you can be sure that you aren’t passing on viruses to your Windows-using friends.

Even if you are not bothered about Windows viruses, after all, they can’t run on OS X, there are some serious Mac malware programs out there that could infect your computer. Avira has a real-time scanner and this checks every file that is accessed before it can do any damage.

Avira Antivirus

In addition to this, you can also scan the Mac’s disk drive on demand or on a schedule. You can perform a quick scan of critical areas, a full scan of the system, or a custom scan of the folders you select. A full scan is recommended after installing Avira just in case there is anything hidden on the disk drive. The Mac is still usable during a scan and CPU usage in Activity monitor was only around 30 to 40%. This page was created while running a full scan and it was hardly noticeable.

The scheduler enables you to choose the type of scan (quick, full or custom), and how often to run it, such as every week on Monday, every day at 9am or whatever you prefer. It then runs automatically in the background. If a scheduled scan is missed, such as when the Mac is switched off, there is an option to run it on the next start up.

Avira Antivirus

Avoiding malware is partly about having good security software, but there is a human factor too and if you are technically knowledgable and are able to spot and avoid potential threats, you might be able to continue using your Mac without security software. For non-technical users and children, it is certainly worth adding a free anti virus program like Avira.

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