Remove adware from your Mac and clean the disk

The Apple Mac has few viruses and serious malware is rarely seen on it, but it does have a problem with adware and many people are affected. If your Mac is infected with adware, what can you do? Use a clean-up tool to erase it with one click.

Adware intercepts the normal function of applications like the web browsers on your Mac and it displays adverts. Ads can pop up on the screen, they can appear in extra tabs when you click links in web pages, and they can replace the content on web pages.

They can also change the startup page of Safari and any other browsers you may have, change the search engine, and make it difficult to use.

Adware is designed to bombard you with adverts. The adverts can be for anything, even for iPhones, but a common advert that is displayed is for MacKeeper. This has created an association between malware and MacKeeper for many people, and you often hear that someone has the MacKeeper malware or virus.

What they have is an adware problem and it is caused by unwanted and irritating advertising software that has been accidentally and probably unknowlingly installed. The MacKeeper app that you can download from the MacKeeper website is not malware and does not do any of the things that adware does. It is important not to confuse a bad advertiser with the product itself, which may be fine.

Third party software download websites may bundle adware with what may be good apps. You think you are downloading and instaling a great app, but adware gets installed too. To avoid adware either get your software from the Mac App Store or direct from the developer. The apps are cleaner and cause fewer problems.

There are several ways in which you can tackle an adware problem on your Mac and it is possible to remove it manually. It is not that hard and I will show how to do it in a future article, but why take the difficult route when there an easy road?

BitDefender, which is better known for its Windows security software, also has some Mac tools too. One of these is Adware Remover Tool for Mac. It is free, so go and download it.

Adware Removal Tool for Mac

It downloads as a zip file and here it has been dragged to the desktop fro the Downloads folder. Double clicking the zip file extracts the app it contains. open a Finder window and go to the Applications folder. Drag the Adware to the Applications folder. It does not have to be put in there, but it is the most logical place to keep it.

Adware Removal Tool for Mac

Double click the app to run it. You might see a warning like this, depending on the security settings in System Preferences. This is just to make you aware that installing software outside of the Mac App Store could be bad for your Mac. In fact, this is probably how you got your adware infection. However, in this case, the app is safe so go ahead and open it.

Software warning

The app has a simple button, Search for Adware. Click it and let it scan the system.

Adware Removal Tool for Mac

If adware is found, it will be removed, but if your Mac is clean then this message is displayed.

Adware Removal Tool for Mac

An advert! This one is harmless though and just tells you about another product the company has for the Mac. It's not going to pop up again and annoy you.

It isn’t clear how many types of adware the tool removes, but it certainly covers the two most popular ones, Genieo and Vsearch. Keep this tool on the Mac’s disk and occasionally check for newer versions that might clean up even more adware.



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