A much improved Dr Safety scans your Apple Mac for malware

Mac malware - is your Apple Mac infected with malware?

When I first looked at Dr. Safety, a security app from Trend Micro, it had some irritations and was disappointing. However, it has been  improved and it now much better. It is worth another look.

Not everyone needs extra security on their Apple Mac, but some people clearly do as malware, mostly adware, but occasionally more serious threats infect their computers. You sometimes see these people complaining in Facebook groups and other places.

The Mac users most likely to get malware are those that install apps from bad websites, torrent sites, and similar places where cracked apps can be found. Email is a source of malware, although it is mostly aimed at Windows users, so as a Mac user you are less likely to be affected.

More security: Protect your Mac when using the internet with a VPN

If you installed Windows on your Mac then the security situation just got a whole lot worse. Running Windows in Boot Camp, Parallels Desktop and VirtualBox opens up your Mac to a huge number of threats. Some form of security is needed in this case.

Dr. Safety is an app in the Mac App Store and it is free to download and install. More features have been added to the app since I first looked at it, although it is still a very simple and straightforward app to use.

It has a minimalist interface and when you select Scan in the sidebar on the left, there are options for a Quick Scan, Full Scan and Custom Scan. A custom scan enables you to select a folder to scan for malware.

Dr. Safety keeps your Mac clean and free of adware and viruses
Scan your Mac for viruses

The scanning speed depends firstly on whether you have a solid state disk or old style mechanical disk, and secondly on the number of files and apps on the Mac. A quick scan took 10 minutes or so on my Mac.

The results are displayed when the scan is complete. Unlike the earlier version of the app I originally tried, this one displays a list of the threats that were found. This enables you to at least get an idea of what might be infecting the computer.

Dr. Safety keeps your Mac clean and free of adware and viruses
Dr. Safety displays the results of the scan

It scans and reports for free and a subscription is required in order to clean any malware found, but that’s fair enough. It is fairly cheap to subscribe anyway and it is $19.99 a year.

In my case one item was found and searching with EasyFind, a handy search tool I keep on the disk, located it and it was deleted. It was Windows malware anyway, but it is best removed for safety. If you aren't sure whether a file is malware or not, use VirusTotal.

In addition to scanning for viruses (free) and removing them (with subscription), there is a free Adware Cleaner. I keep a pretty clean Mac, so none was found, but it looks like a useful extra.

In addition to cleaning up the system, it  can also remove all extensions from the browsers on your Mac, which could be useful if there are bad ones installed. It will remove good ones as well as bad ones, but you can always reinstall free extensions.

Dr. Safety keeps your Mac clean and free of adware and viruses
The adware cleaner is free

Dr. Safety is much improved over earlier versions and I can recommend it for anyone concerned about the security of their Mac. Install it and scan your Mac for free, and see what it comes up with.

Title: Dr. Safety: Anti Adware, Virus & Protect Privacy
Price: Free (subscribe to remove viruses)
Developer: Trend Micro Inc.
Size: 37 MB
Requirements: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor
Verdict: Recent improvements make this a useful app





Hi, I’m from Dr. Safety Team, Trend Micro Inc. In light of the problem you mentioned, I’d like to make some reply. First, Thanks for your attention to Dr. Safety. Actually, we’ve already solved your concern in Version 1.3.0. On June 9, 2016, We released new version of Dr. Safety 1.3.0, to tell users more detail about the virus might found. This detail can help users to make a decision themselves to buy our service or not. In the next four months after release 1.3.0, we’ve released 5 versions of Dr. Safety to continue improving our product. We add “Adware Cleaner” to prevent Mac users from popup and scam; we fix 56 bugs to improve performance and make Dr. Safety more stable. We, Dr. Safety Team, welcome criticism and discussion from you all.

This review has been updated to reflect the current version of the app, v1.6, which is much better than when previously tested.

Hello I downloaded the app but do not want to pay a subscription fee. I am now having great difficulty removing the app from my computer as it constantly says that the app is open even when I have made every attempt to close it. How can I remove Dr Safety from my computer completely? Regards, Holly

Holly, there are some useful features in Dr. Safety without paying, but if you don't want it, open the main window, go to the Dr. Safety menu and select Quit Dr. Safety. You can then drag the app from the Applications folder to the Trash. I prefer to use AppCleaner to remove all traces of apps when removing them.

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