See your website on any device with Safari secret feature

Apple MacBook, iPad and iPhone

If you have a website of your own or if you write for another website, or even if you are just curious, you can see how the site looks on any device. It is a secret feature of Safari on the Mac.

This feature enables you to use Safari on the Mac to emulate the view you would get if you were using an iPhone 6S, an iPad mini, an iPad Pro, a MacBook and even Internet Explorer or Edge running on Windows PCs. It is a very useful feature for those people that need to check that a website can be viewed on a wide range of computers, phones and tablets.

Enable developer mode

Open Safari and go to the Safari menu and select Preferences. Then click the Advanced tab at the right side of the toolbar. At the bottom of the window is Show Develop in the menu bar. Tick the box to enable it.

Show the Develop menu in Safari on the Apple Mac running OS X

Switch Safari modes

Close the Preferences window and go to the new Devlop menu. Click Enter Responsive Design Mode.

Enable and use the Develop menu in Safari on the Apple Mac

Select a device

The Safari window changes and along the top of the window is a row of devices, starting with the iPhone 5S, then iPhone 6S, 6S PLus, then three iPads - the mini, Air and Pro. At the end are some preset screen sizes so you can see what a regular Safari window looks like. Here an iPhone 6S has been selected and you can see how this website will look on the phone.

Emulate any device like iPhones and iPads using Safari on the Apple Mac

The site is fully working and you can click around, view pages, type new URLs into the Safari address box and so on.

Select any device and browser

Just above the devices is a text description and at the right-hand side is the device. Click the device to show the full menu. From here you can select different versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome on a Mac or Windows, and Firefox on a Mac or Windows.

Use Safari on the Apple Mac to view web pages on other devices

Not everyone needs this feature, but for those people that create sites, manage sites or write for sites, it is very useful. If you have written an article for a website or if your company has a website, use it to see what the site looks like on a mobile phone.



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