Show Instagram photos on new Safari tabs on your Mac

Web browser extensions are sometimes useful, but sometimes they are just for fun and one entertaining extension for Safari on the Apple Mac is Flume. It is free and takes seconds to install into the browser.

The Flume extension is fun because it shows Instagram photos in the Safari window when the browser is started and also whenever a new tab is created. It can show photos from your Instagram feed or it can take them from Instagram's popular photos section.

Once it has been installed, you will find opening new tabs quite addictive and entertaining. It isn’t supposed to be, but it is just fun because of the great images you get on the social network.

To get Flume, start Safari on your Mac, go to the Safari menu and select Safari Extensions. Flume is in the gallery that is displayed and it was in the Recent section, although if you are reading this six months after it was written it may no longer be classed as recent. Just search for it or browse the categories and you will find it.

Flume Safari extension

After installing it, open a new tab or quit Safari and restart it, and you are prompted to sign in to Instagram. This is so that it can access your feed photos in order to show them.

Go to the Safari menu and select Preferences. Select the Extensions tab and when Flume is selected, there are several options. One is the source and you can choose from several options, including Popular, your feed, hashtags and so on. Although there is a refresh interval, you get a new image with every new tab anyway. Flume probably downloads a bunch of them and then grabs another bunch according to the refresh interval.

Flume Safari extension

Go to the General tab in Safari Preferences and click the pop-up menu next to New tabs open with. Select Empty Page in the menu. This appears to be needed in order to show the Instagram images on new tabs.

Flume Safari extension for Apple Mac

Now just open new tabs by clicking the plus in the top right corner of the browser window and take a look at the photos. You get a blurred background and a large image in the centre of the window. The username and caption are displayed under the photo.

Flume Safari extension for Apple Mac

It makes a change from the usual new tab page and if you regularly open new tabs you will get to see a lot of your Instagram feed. It is a simple, but entertaining extension for Safari.



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