Sign your name with the trackpad in OS X

PreviewPreview has had the ability to capture your signature and insert it into documents for some time. You could sign your name on paper, then hold it up to the camera and it would scan it in. Now in the OS X Yosemite version of Preview, you can sign your name on the trackpad. It is an interesting alternative and one that is worth experimenting with. Let's see how to add a signature.

Open Preview (it is in stored in the Applications folder). It does not matter whether a document, PDF or image is opened. In fact, you don't need to open anything at all. Just go to the Tools menu, Annotate, Signature, Manage Signatures.

Signatures in Preview

Make sure the Trackpad tab is selected in the window that is displayed. A grey box is drawn in the middle and this represents the trackpad.

Trackpad signatures in Preview

Click the button in the middle of the Trackpad (the trackpad on the screen, that is), and then you can sign your name by writing on the trackpad with your finger.

Signatures in Preview

The trackpad only responds to a finger, which is big and fat, and it doesn't like pens, so the results are far from perfect. In fact, it looks about as bad as if I had written it with my left hand and isn't much like my signature using a pen and paper. Still, it is an interesting idea and you can click the Clear button and keep trying until you get a reasonably good signature.

Preview signatures

Click the Done button and the signature is displayed in a small Manage Signatures window. If you mouse over a signature, it is highlighted and a delete button appears on the right. Click it to remove a signature. You can also add another signature by clicking Create Signature.

Signatures in Preview

The signature you created appears on the Signature menu in Preview. You can select it to add it to PDFs and other documents.



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