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When you have just 16GB of storage in your iPhone or iPad it is quickly filled. Then what? One option is to free up storage using a utility like iMyfone Umate, which can breathe life into a clogged up iOS device.

This is a clean-up tool for iPhones and iPads, but it actually runs on the computer and it does not run on the device itself. I used the Apple Mac app, but there is a Windows version too. After connecting your iPhone or iPad using the USB cable, the iMyfone Umate app can be run and used to scan and clean it. Almost all models are supported.

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The interface is very clean, simple and easy to use, which is excellent. There are no menus and everything can be accessed by clicking the icons in the bar on the left. In fact, you only need the Home button at the top and clicking this enables you to perform a scan of the iPhone or iPad that is connected.

The amount of junk, temporary, photos and large files is displayed, and at the bottom is the total size of all the apps installed. On the right of each of these are Clean, Delete and Remove buttons.

iMyfone for Apple Mac

The first time I used iMyfone Umate these buttons scared me. Would the Remove button remove all my apps? Would the Delete button delete all my large files? What would it do to my photos?

The word on these buttons needs to be changed because clicking them does nothing quite so scary. They go to an information screen that displays what has been found during the device scan and what you can do about the results.

iMyfone Umate for the Apple Mac

Junk files lists items like crash logs, temporary files, caches and so on. You can tick the items you want to remove before carrying out the cleanup action.

With large files you see a list of files and tick boxes next to them enable them to be selected. Then you can delete them. Large files could well turn out to be all the videos you have taken and you might not want to delete them. However, they are backed up to the Mac’s disk before being deleted from the device, so you won’t lose them.

Photos can be compressed to save space and as with large files, they are backed up to the Mac’s disk before being modified. This means that you always have the original safely stored. Apple does this with iCloud Photo Library, but if you don’t use that then this feature is a useful alternative.

Temporary files are created by apps and they create caches to speed up access to often used data. Some apps use a lot of space and they don’t always provide an option to clear them. This can result in a loss of storage space.

Using iMyfone Umate to clear temporary files can result in a gigabyte or more of extra storage. As soon as apps are run they rebuild their caches and temporary files, so the benefit is temporary. However, this can still be useful, such as when you need extra space to download and install an iOS update. A quick clean might provide enough space for the update to proceed and without having to remove apps, photos and videos to make space.

I like iMyfone Umate and it works well. It is most useful for people with 16GB devices because storage space is so limited, but even if you have a larger iPhone or iPad it can still be useful.

Title: iMyfone Umate 
Price: $19.95
Company: iMyfone Technology
Requirements: OS X 10.7 or later, 200MB disk space
Verdict: A reasonably priced utility for cleaning up your iPhone or iPad.



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