Clean junk from the disk with Ccleaner for a leaner cleaner Mac

Ccleaner is a very popular utility in the Windows world and it cleans the system of junk and clutter, erases information you want to keep private, and generally keeps Windows running smoothly. There is a version for the Apple Mac version too and it is free to download and use.

The app is small and it requires only 6MB of disk space, so it is quick to start. The Cleaner section of the app has two tabs and these are Mac OS X and Applications. On the Mac OS X tab is Safari’s caches, cookies and history system trash, recent documents, places, applications and servers, log files, the Downloads folder, font cache unnecessary languages, Quick Look and Help Viewer.

On the Applications tab is a list of the applications that are installed including system ones like iTunes and iPhoto, and any that you have installed yourself. There is also miscellaneous caches.

Using Ccleaner is straightforward and you tick the items to clean, click the Analyse button and then Run Cleaner.

Ccleaner for Mac OS X

It is not obvious, but after analysing and producing a list of items to be cleaned, you can dig down into the results and see which files will be removed. Nearly all the items are caches of some sort, either system caches or application caches.

Caches are temporary stores of information and when they are deleted, they are automatically rebuilt. You can delete caches today and if you check next week they are back again, so is there any benefit? Sometimes caches can become corrupt and a fresh start may cure a problem you are having with OS X or an application. Because of this, it may be beneficial to clear caches every six months.

Ccleaner for Mac OS X

Clearing caches is not something you should do on a daily basis because they are intended to speed up certain operations the Mac or apps have to perform. The exception is when you want to cover your tracks. Caches store recent activities, so if you want to hide them then clearing caches can help.

In the Tools section of Ccleaner is an uninstaller that enables you to remove applications you no longer need. It sounds useful, but it will not remove software installed from the Mac App Store because it does not have the privileges. This is a shame and it makes the function less useful than it could be.

It can list the applications and services that start when the Mac is started. This is useful and you can disabled or remove ones you do not want. I found a couple of services from software I had removed, so I deleted them.

Ccleaner for Mac OS X

There functions to verify and repair disk permissions and erase the free space on the disk drive by overwriting it.

Ccleaner is OK, but it needs to be better if it wants to dominate the Mac market as it does with Windows. The uninstaller is not as good as my regular utility, AppCleaner, and the cleaner is OK, but I prefer OnyX, which provides a greater degree of control and more tools. Ccleaner’s best features are its small size and simplicity.

Title: Ccleaner
Price: Free
Developer: Piriform
Size: 6MB
Requirements: OS X 10.6 and up



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