Upgrade OS X and the new Photos app will cost you money

iPhoto is officially dead now that OS X 10.10.3 has been released. The operating system update deleted the old iPhoto app on the system, installs Photos and prompts you to pay. Here is a step-by-step guide showing how the update proceeded.

Open the App Store by clicking the icon in the Dock at the bottom of the screen and then select the updates tab. After checking for updates, one or more will be listed, including OS X Update 10.10.3, which includes the new Photos app.

Mac App Store updates

If you are using a MacBook, make sure that there is more than 50% charge or plug it into the mains power. Click the Update All button and the update begins to download. I had a couple of other updates, including iTunes, and there was over 2 GB to download.

This could take hours on a slow internet connection, so if you are at work or at a Wi-Fi hotspot, you might want to put this off until you have a better one. Fortunately, it only took 10 minutes on my fibre optic internet connection.

OS X updates on the Apple Mac

When the download is complete, the Mac needs to be restarted to install the update. This takes 5 to 15 minutes depending on how fast your Mac is.

OS X updates on the Apple Mac

When you finally log in and get back to the desktop, there is a new icon in the Dock (the old iPhoto icon can be seen at the start of this article - it’s a dead app).

The new Photos app on OS X

Start up the new Photos app and there are some introductory welcome screens to get you started.

Photos app on the Apple Mac

Now here is where it gets interesting. The new Photos app wants to store all your photos online in iCloud. This is so that it can sync them between Macs, iPhones and iPads. The problem is that you will not have sufficient space to store them in iCloud.

To enable this feature, you are going to have to pay for online storage from Apple. To be fair, it is a very cheap deal. However, a small payment here, another small payment there, payment to something else, and it all adds up to a significant amount.

Photos app on the Apple Mac

I don’t want to add to my monthly payments for everything. I also have around 57 GB of free online storage space from Google and Microsoft that is largely empty, and both services want to back up my photos and videos automatically as I shoot them.

I have plenty of backups thanks, so I declined this offer. This is not a one-time offer and you can always change your mind and sign up later, so think about it and don’t rush in.

Photos app on the Apple Mac

So here is the new Photos app running on OS X 10.10.3. It does not really impress at first sight, but there is more to it than is immediately obvious. Future articles will look at the new features in the Photos app.



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