Write like a pro using 1Checker to fix writing flaws

Do you write documents and reports for work or write essays for school? Are you a budding writer working on a book that you hope to get published? Whatever you are writing, 1Checker is a great tool that enables you to check your writing and automatically fix common mistakes. It offers suggestions to improve your writing as well as replacing typing slips, spelling mistakes and poor grammar.

1Checker is a proofreading app for the Apple Mac (and Windows too) that analyses your writing and it can either automatically correct mistakes or you can choose from suggested improvements and manually apply the ones you want.

The app requires you to create an account with 1Checker, which you might find a bit strange, but all you need to supply is an email address and password. It is because this is a cloud-based tool and all the text analysis is done online rather than on the Mac.

Log in to the service and the app could not be simpler. There is a large window with just seven buttons in the toolbar. The first, Open, enables you to open a file from disk, but the option to paste text into the app and copy it out is probably the simplest way to use it.

This enables you to keep a word processor window open and copy text and then paste it into 1Checker. After correcting the errors you can copy the updated text in 1Checker, switch back to the word processor and paste it back in.

1Checker grammar checker for OS X

Once you have loaded or copied text into 1Checker, the Review button is used to analyse it. Problems are highlighted in red or blue and below them is what the app thinks is the best fix. You can click this or click the problem and see all the options in the panel on the right. Sometimes there are multiple alternatives and one may be better than another. Clicking any of the suggestions replaces the highlighted text with it.

The app shows the results of its analysis of the text in chart form. You can see the number of spelling mistakes, grammar problems and other errors. It assess the vocabulary and structure and CEFR vocabulary levels, shows word and sentence counts, and average sentence length.

1Checker spelling and grammar

Automated tools like this that analyse text and grammar are never perfect and sometimes it gets things wrong, such as missing the meaning or context of the sentence. However, most of the time the flaws it finds are right and the suggestions are very useful.

It would not be a good idea to let it fix every fault automatically and you need to examine each one and either select the best alternative or choose to ignore the suggestions altogether. Use your own intelligence and common sense, but consider what 1Checker says, it is often right.

I like this app and it is free, so go and download a copy. It is available in the Mac App Store

Title: 1Checker
Price: Free
Developer: Greedy Intelligence
Size: 19.4MB
Requirements: OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor
Rating: 4/5



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