Wunderlist - the best alternative to Reminders on the Mac?

Reminders is a simple but effective app bundled with OS X that is adequate for very simple tasks, but it has its limitations. When you need something more powerful, Wunderlist should be on your shortlist.

There are several attractions of Reminders and one is its simplicity and another is the way that it is synced across multiple Apple devices, such as a Mac, iPhone and iPad. It enables you to jot down tasks and be reminded on a specific day at a certain time or even when you are at a particular location.

For some people however, the Apple Reminders app does not go far enough and more powerful features are required. Wunderlist is an alternative to Reminders that does everything the OS X app does and a whole lot more.

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It is a to-do list and task manager that enables you to create lists of to-do items and these could be for work and personal projects. The app is very easy to use and clicking the plus button enables a new list to be created. There can be as many as you need and this is useful for organising to-do items by subject or project. Selecting a list enables you to view and add to-do tasks.

This is very similar to Reminders, but when a to-do is selected, there are a whole bunch of properties that can be configured. For example, you can define a due date and then optionally set it to repeat at regular intervals such as every day, week or month. It can remind you at a specific time of the day too.

Wunderlist for OS X

Where Wunderlist goes beyond Reminders is that you can add notes to to-do tasks. Comments can be added and files can be attached to tasks, which is useful if a task requires text or images, as a report might. A to-do task can be broken down into a number of smaller subtasks and this is very useful for complex projects that require many tasks to be performed.

In addition to viewing to-do items by list, such as by project, there are also Today and Week views so you can see what tasks need to be completed soon.

Wunderlist app for OS X

Another advantage of Wunderlist is that it can be used by both individuals and teams of people. It works fine as a personal to-do manager that only you can access, but there is also the ability to invite other people to access whatever to-do-list you want to share and this means that it is great for businesses and teams of people can access it.

It goes even further and you can assign to-do tasks to people in the team. The people that a list is shared with can post comments to a to-do too and a discussion can be created. These are powerful features that raise the bar for to-do list managers and it leaves Reminders far behind as a business tool.

In addition to the extensive features, another reason for using Wunderlist in preference to Reminders is that it works everywhere and on everything. There is an app for OS X in the Mac App Store and this runs on the desktop. It is available on iOS and Android, and Windows too.

Wunderlist can be accessed in a browser at the website, so you don’t even need to install the app. However, if you travel with a MacBook you might find yourself without internet access occasionally and Wunderlist will work offline until you have a connection and it can sync again. The app also has a menu bar extra that enables notifications to be displayed and tasks to be quickly added without having to go to the website.

Wunderlist is free and almost every feature you need for personal use is free. You would have to be a very demanding user to need to subscribe and the free features are generous.

Wunderlist subscription

This is a very useful app that offers more than Reminders and it is especially useful if you want to organise to-do lists and projects with other people, such as co-workers.

Title: Wunderlist
Price: Free
Developer: Wunderkinder GmbH
Version: 3.4
Size: 45.4 MB
OS X: 10.10 or later, 64-bit CPU
Verdict: An excellent to-do list manager with collaboration capabilities.



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