Convert unplayable videos to a playable format with this online tool

It is possible to convert videos from one file format to another at the KeepVide website.

There have been many video file formats over the year and some odd ones on certain devices. If you have unplayable videos on your Mac, KeepVid is a free online tool that can make them playable.

I looked at Smart Converter, a video converter app that runs on the Mac last year and KeepVid does more or less the same thing, but it is an online tool that runs in a browser window.

If you have a lot of videos that will not play or that need converting for specific phones and tablets, an app on your Mac is the best solution. However, if you only occasionally need to convert a video, it may not be worth installing an app and KeepVid can be used instead.

The biggest drawback with KeepVid is the need to upload any videos you want to convert and videos can be very big indeed. I converted a 40MB video over a fast internet connection, and it took around minute to upload, convert and download.

That is pretty good and it would not have been much quicker if I had used an app on the Mac. However, don’t try it if your internet connection is slow and your videos are large. Check the file size in Finder before you start because some videos can be a gigabyte or more. Only convert small ones.

1 Convert with QuickTime

Double clicking an old video opened it in QuickTime and it tried to convert it. It looked promising, but...

QuickTime Player on the Apple Mac converting a video file

2 Unplayable video

After a minute or so trying to convert and play the video, QuickTime gave up. I think it originally came from a Windows PC and it is clearly an unsupported file format.

QuickTime on the Apple Mac cannot play some video file formats

3 Use KeepVid

Go to the KeepVid website and use the form on the left side of the page. The first step is to add a file, so click the plus button.

KeepVid website converts video file formats

4 Choose a file type

Click under Select a File Type and there are several options, such as Video, Audio, HD Video, and so on.

Convert video file formats with KeepVid online conversion tool

5 Select the output

If Video is selected as the file type, the output format looks like this. There are options to select MP4, AVI, WMV and many more video file types.

Convert video file formats with KeepVid online conversion tool

6 Choose a device

If the file type is set to Device, the Output Format list is full of devices like the iPhone, Samsung, HTC and others.

Convert video file formats with KeepVid online conversion tool

7 Convert and download

I selected Device and chose an iPhone for the output. Click Convert Now and the video is uploaded and converted. All that remains is to download it.

Convert video file formats with KeepVid online conversion tool

8 Play the video

The video now plays in QuickTime Player and also using Quick Look - select the video in Finder and press space to view it.

Convert video file formats with KeepVid online conversion tool

I was surprised how quickly the video was uploaded, converted and downloaded. However, it wasn’t a big one, the site wasn’t busy at the time, and I was the only person in the queue.

Under these conditions, the KeepVid online video converter worked perfectly.



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