Fix flaws in photos with the Mac's best free photo editor

Apple Photos is a useful app for organising your photographs and it has good editing tools too, but there are lots of other great photo editors, like Fotor. Here’s how to fix flaws and share photos.

Fotor Photo Editor is a free app in the Mac App Store and it does more than just edit photos. I showed how it could be used to create collages and then share them on social media sites. This time I will look at some of the editing capabilities. Fotor is a great photo editor and it has a comprehensive range of features that enable yout to fix flaws and apply special effects. let's take a look.

Load the editor

To get the app if you don’t already have it, open the Mac App Store, then enter fotor into the search box to find it. Download it and install it. When it is first run, it offers three options, Edit, Collage and Batch. Click Edit.

Foto Photo Editor for Apple Mac

Load a photo

The large grey area is where photos are edited and there is a simple Click here to start! message. Click it.

Fotor Photo Editor for Apple Mac

The file selection window opens and you can browse the folders and files on the disk drive. Apple Photos keeps the photographs hidden and you won’t be able to find them. However, clicking Photos under Media at the bottom of the sidebar enables you to access your snapshots.

Browse the photos moments, collections, years and so on. Select a photo and then click Open.

Open a file on OS X

Select a scene

There are lots of ready-made photo fixes in Fotor and these can be accessed by clicking Scenes on the right. For my photo the Auto option was best and it fixed the exposure and saturation, but your photo might be different. Click each of the scenes in turn, Backlit, Darken, Cloudy and so on, and choose the best one.

There is a Compare button at the bottom of the window and clicking and holding on it shows the original. Clicking None in the scenes list also undoes whatever effect you have selected.

Fotor Photo Editor for Apple Mac

Correct tilted photos

A common fault with photographs is that the camera was not held exactly horizontal and the landscape or subject tilts to one side. This is most easily seen when there are vertical objects like posts or buildings, or horizontal ones like the horizon, a lake or the sea.

My photo tilts ever so slightly to one side. This is fixed by selecting the Crop tool on the right. Expand the Straighten section and then use the plus or minus button as required to straighten the photo.

Straighten photos in Fotor

Export the image

There are many more tools in Fotor, but my photo is looking good (it's at the top of this page) and it needs no further work. It is time to export it by clicking the button on the right.

There are options to save it to the computer. Share it on Facebook, Flickr or Twitter. I am going to share it on Facebook.

Fotor export options

If you are not signed in to the social network, you will be prompted to do so. Then you just add a message or explanatory text and click Share on Facebook.

Post to Facebook from Fotor

That’s it. The photo is now online and your friends and relatives can see it. I’ll take another look at the photo editing capabilities of Fotor in a future article. Keep an eye out for it.



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