Switch to Quad 9 DNS to protect your Mac when using the internet

The security of your computer can be increasing by switching to a better DNS server, such as Quad 9

The Apple Mac is safer on the internet than some computers and it is immune to many threats, but it is not completely safe and there are still risks. Quad 9 DNS reduces those risks.

Bet you didn’t know Preview on the Apple Mac could do this!

Discover little known Preview app features on the Apple Mac

Preview is a multi-function utility app on the Apple Mac that can perform lots of different tasks. Most of them are obvious, but there are some you may not have discovered. Let’s take a look.

Watch more Picture in Picture videos using Safari on the Apple Mac

How to use Picture in Picture in Safari on the Apple Mac to watch videos on YouTube and other sites.

Safari has a Picture in Picture mode that lets you place videos on the desktop. It doesn’t work for all videos, but the PiPifier Safari extension makes it work with almost everything.

Do you need a download manager in 2017? Here’s a free one if you do

Download faster and more reliably using a free download manager app on the Apple Mac.

The speed of modern internet connections could not have been imagined 15 years ago. Back then, download managers were popular utilities, but do you need one today? Sometimes you do.

How to configure swipes to deal with email faster in Mac Mail app

Discover how to quickly deal with emails on the Mac by swiping them away. Configure the swipe actions.

Is the amount of email you receive increasing? Is the number of messages becoming overwhelming? Set up swipe actions in Mail on the Apple Mac to make dealing with incoming emails faster.

Trello for Mac runs the organiser and project manager on the desktop

Trello is a free web service for organising project and tasks, but it is als a Mac desktop app too

If you use the Trello organiser in a browser, try the Mac app instead. It has all the same features as the web app, but it does without the browser clutter. Organise your tasks and projects.

Increase privacy in Safari and how to crush cookies on the Apple Mac

How to increase privacy when using Safari to browse the web on the Apple Mac. How to clear cookies that track you.

In this article I take a look at a new privacy setting in Safari that appears to be turned off by default, and how to manage and crush the many cookies that are stored on the computer.

Unmissable updates to Mail in macOS High Sierra supercharge emails

New features in the Mail app in macOS High Sierra revealed

The headline may be a bit over the top, but there are useful feature updates to the Mail app on the Mac worth exploring, like new formatting features and search improvements.

Amazing things you never realised Siri on the Apple Mac could do

Use Siri to control the hardware on the Apple Mac and enable Type to Siri to type your queries instead of speaking them.

Siri started as an assistant on the iPhone and iPad, but it has also been in macOS for the last couple of versions too. Here are some of the less obvious uses for Siri in macOS High Sierra.

Use tags in Finder on the Mac to organise files and search for them

Make use of tags in Finder on the Apple Mac to make it easier to find, sort and organise files.

Finder has a clever feature that enables you to attach tags to files, but do you use them? Do you know how to search for them and sort files by tags? Get to know this under-used macOS feature.

Get a VPN in your browser and secure the web to make it safer

Increase your security and safty when using the internet by using a VPN inside the web browser, such as NordVPN Chrome extension.

If you have NordVPN, and a lot of people do, there is a clever Chrome extension that saves you having to run the VPN software. For everyone else, get a web browser with a built in VPN.

How to share files from Apple iCloud using just your web browser

Files on the Apple iCloud website can be shared by visiting the site in a browser. Share files with friends.

I recently looked at the new facility in macOS High Sierra that enables you to share files on iCloud. Can you access the sharing features on the iCloud website with just a web browser? Yes!

How to share files stored on iCloud with anyone, even non-Mac users

How to share iCloud files with anyone, even non-Mac users.Your shared files can be public or private.

If you have an Apple Mac and use macOS High Sierra, there is a great feature in it that enables you to share iCloud files privately with people you choose or publicly with the whole world.

Fix your photos with Noise Reducer Pro for a clearer picture

Reduce noise in photos from your digital camera or phone with this stand-alon app and Photos extension.

Noise Reducer Pro is a great tool for reducing the amount of noise or grain in photographs taken in low light levels. It makes photos clearer and runs on the Mac, iOS, Android and PC.

Too many menu bar icons on your MacBook? Hide the unused ones

How to hide menu bar icons you do not need to see on the Apple Mac. Free up space on the menu bar if it is full.

The menu bar on a MacBook, especially one of the smaller models ones, has a very limited amount of space. It is easily filled, but you can reduce the overcrowding by hiding the unused icons.

How to create application shortcuts to save time and effort in macOS

A step by step guide to defining keyboard shortcuts on the Apple Mac to save time and effort. Add shortcuts to your favourite apps.

Everyone knows the Command+Q keyboard shortcut used to quit an app on the Apple Mac and it saves fiddling with menus. Here’s how to create your own shortcuts to carry out actions in apps.

Momentum makes new tabs in Chrome more useful and beautiful

Momentum Chrome extension beautifies the new tab page and also adds some useful new features, such as a to-do list manager.

Safari is a fine web browser on the Apple Mac, but it cannot compete with Chrome when it comes to extensions. Momentum gives Chrome tabs beautiful makeover and adds productivity features.

Be Focused is a task and time manager to make you more productive

Manage your time and tasks while working on your Apple Mac more efficiently with the Be Focused app. It uses the Pomodoro technique.

Be Focused is what might be called the offspring of the Pomodoro technique and a To-Do list manager. It enables you to work more efficiently and make better use of your time, while tracking tasks.

Great apps to monitor your MacBook’s battery charge and condition

Monitor the battery on an Apple MacBook and reduce the battery drain so it lasts longer. See the health of the battery

How is your MacBook’s battery? Is it healthy and holding its charge or fading too fast? If you think there may be a problem, these two battery apps help you monitor it and get more from it.

How to schedule your Mac to automatically shut down and wake up

Configure the Mac to automatically shut down or enter sleep mode on a schedule. Set it to wake and start up on a schedule too.

With a few simple commands you can schedule your Apple Mac to automatically shut down at night and wake in the morning ready to work. Save power and make your Mac envonmentally friendly.


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