Set Safari AutoFill email address preferences in OS X

If you use Safari on the Apple Mac to browse the web, you probably use its ability to automatically fill in name and email fields in forms. Here’s how to choose the email address you want to use.

Use new features in Mission Control in OS X

Mission Control is the handy task switching and desktop switching app in OS X. Have you mastered all of its features? There may be some you never realised were there. The secrets are revealed.

Grammarly on test - intelligently correct writing errors

Grammarly is an app, a browser extension and a website that aims to improve your writing by correcting mistakes and typing slips. What can the Apple Mac app do for your writing?

Create your own system sounds for the Apple Mac

Where are system sounds stored on the Mac? If your knew that you could then edit them, replace them or create new ones. That would be useful and many users want to customise their Mac in various ways. Let's see how to do this and along the way we'll discover the location of the system sounds folder.

How to screenshot anything on the Mac including the Touch Bar

Learn all the keyboard shortcuts to take screenshots on the Mac, even the Touch Bar too. Plus hidden screenshot settigs

To capture the screen as an image on your Mac ad save it to disk, there are several hotkeys you need to remember. There are also some secret settings to make the task of taking screenshots easier.

Reduce eyestrain with f.lux on your Apple Mac

Staring at the computer screen for hours on end can make your eyes tired and it is not pleasant. Turning down the brightness might help, but there is another solution and f.lux can make the screen easier on your eyes.

Scan printed photos into the Photos app on your Apple Mac

Hardly anyone prints photographs these days, but you, or your parents, might have lots of old snapshots from years ago. How do you get them into the Photos app on your Mac?

Monitor the stock market and your investments on your Mac

Use your Apple Mac to track share prices on the stock market using the Today Stocks widget and Stockfolio, an inexpensive app in the Mac App Store

The state of the stock markets around the world affects all of us in one way or another. Stockfolio is a great app for the Apple Mac that enables you to follow the ups and downs of share prices.

iTunes music volume too low? Problem solved!

When listening to music using iTunes, does the sound volume go up and down from track to track or album to album? Volume problems are easily solved by adjusting the audio settings.

How to add vignette effects in Photos on the Apple Mac

On the surface, the Photos app on the Apple Mac looks like a simple browser for viewing your snapshots, but there are useful features for enhancing your images just waiting to be discovered.

How to solve problems with your Apple Mac

Most computers work reliably for years, but occasionally things go wrong and there is either a software or a hardware fault. How do you track down the cause of a problem and how do you fix it?

Is Disk Cleaner – The Best Cleanup App?

Among the top free utilities in the Mac App Store is Disk Cleaner – The Best Cleanup App. The name makes a bold claim and that is one worth investigating. Cleanup apps that free up disk space are always useful.

The really simple guide to Automator in OS X on the Mac

Automator is a sort of programming tool that enables you to create utility apps on the Apple Mac, but it does not require any programming knowledge. This guide takes you step by step through your first app.

Top Safari tips for better browsing in OS X El Capitan

You might not think that Safari has changed much over the years, but there have been many small tweaks here and there, and there may be some that you have not yet discovered, such as these.

Show Instagram photos on new Safari tabs on your Mac

Web browser extensions are sometimes useful, but sometimes they are just for fun and one entertaining extension for Safari on the Apple Mac is Flume. It is free and takes seconds to install into the browser.

Stop Gmail downloading thousands of emails to Mac Mail

Do you access Google Mail using the Mail app on your Apple Mac? It could be downloading tens of thousands of email messages that take forever to sync. There is a way to stop it doing this.

Create Mail rules to flag or colour email on the Mac

When your inbox is full of messages each morning and it looks like a big chaotic mess, it is disheartening. What can you do? Create rules to flag and colour important emails.

Get a free Mac clipboard manager and view your history

What is the most used feature on your Apple Mac? Could it be the clipboard? Power up the OS X clipboard with a utility to manage it and view clipboard history.

Remove Apple Mac malware with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

At one time the Apple Mac never used to become infected with adware or malware, but times have changed. It still isn’t time to panic, but it is still good to have tools like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware installed.

Monitor internet usage with Bandwidth+ on the Apple Mac

How many megabytes or gigabytes of internet data have you uploaded and downloaded today? Do you need to keep an eye on the total usage? Bandwidth+ is a free app that can do that.


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