Will Dr. Cleaner make your Mac run like new?

There are many disk cleanup tools and memory optimisation utilities, but there may be room for one more and this one is an interesting app. Dr. Cleaner is from security company Trend Micro and it cleans and optimises.

Add XMenu to the Mac’s menu bar for easy folder access

The Mac has many fantastic features and the ability to customise the menu bar by adding extra items is one of them. XMenu is a useful addition that provides some much needed features.

Tweak the Mac sleep settings to sleep faster or longer

There is more to sleep mode on the Apple Mac than you might think and there are hidden settings, different modes and keyboard shortcuts. Here is everything you need to know.

Mac adware removal explained - here’s how to do it

Are you constantly plagued by ads when you use your Mac and use Safari to browse the web? Do you keep seeing adverts for MacKeeper and other products? Do you want to clean up your Mac and get rid of these ads? Then read on...

Remove adware from your Mac and clean the disk

The Apple Mac has few viruses and serious malware is rarely seen on it, but it does have a problem with adware and many people are affected. If your Mac is infected with adware, what can you do? Use a clean-up tool to erase it with one click.

Configure the Archive function in OS X on the Mac

I recently showed where you can find hidden apps on your Apple Mac’s disk drive and then explored the Network Utility. It is a useful tool. In this article I will look at one of the other hidden apps, the Archive Utility. What is it for and how do you use it?

Discover hidden apps on your Mac’s disk drive

Apple iMac

Most of the apps on the Mac’s disk drive are in the Applications folder. Most people are aware that there is a Utilities subfolder with some additional apps, but few people know of a third folder with even more apps. Do you know where it is?

Why does my iPhone get emails before Mail on my Mac?

Have you ever been sat at your Mac and heard the new mail chime from your phone before you get an email in Mail? Why does this happen and what can you do about it?

Sync folders on your Mac with an external disk

Sync folders on the Apple Mac's disk drive with folders on an external disk drive

If you have an external disk drive such as a USB disk or even a NAS (network attached storage) disk, there are many uses for it and, for example, you could sync folders on the Mac's disk with it. FreeFileSync can do the job.

Get the weather forecast in the Mac’s menu bar

Drizzle is a menu bar app for the Apple Mac that will provide you with a weather forecast for today and the next week ahead. It is free and it makes a useful addition to the desktop.

Protect your Mac with AVG Antivirus before it is too late

There is no doubt about it, Apple Macs are becoming more popular and so to is malware for OS X. It is inevitable really and the more people that buy Macs, the bigger the target for malware authors. You really should consider antivirus software before it is too late.

How do you uninstall apps on the Mac? Here’s the right way

There is more to uninstalling apps on the Apple Mac that dragging them to the Trash. AppCleaner is the uninstaller you need to keep your Mac clean

The Mac is so simple compared to Windows PCs. Take uninstalling apps for example, you just drag them to the Trash, right? Wrong! That leaves junk on the disk drive. Here is the right way to remove apps.

Secret Mac reset options to fix problems that won't go away

There are special keys you can hold down when the Mac starts up to fix a variety of strange problems with Apple's desktop and laptop computers. If you have tried everything else and problems persist, try these tricks. 

Upgrade OS X and the new Photos app will cost you money

iPhoto is officially dead now that OS X 10.10.3 has been released. The operating system update deleted the old iPhoto app on the system, installs Photos and prompts you to pay. Here is a step-by-step guide showing how the update proceeded.

Master album playing in iTunes with these top tips

Playing songs using iTunes on the Apple Mac is straightforward and you can select one and click the play button. Playlists are also easy, but how do you play a complete album with all of its tracks? What if you want to play the tracks in a different order?

Create location-based reminders

The Mac's Reminders app is useful for creating lists of things to do, such as tasks, jobs, projects, even shopping lists. You can easily enter one or more items with tick boxes and then tick them off when they are done. You can go further though, and use Reminders to remind you to do something at a specific location.

Add special effects to Contacts photos in OS X on the Mac

Contacts, friends, family and more

If you use the Contacts app on the Apple Mac, you will probably have taken the photos assigned to each contact for granted. They are what they are and that’s it. Well actually, no. You can apply interesting and entertaining special effects to them.

Do you suffer with a blurry MacBook screen? Solve it!

The one thing on your MacBook or iMac that you use the most is the screen and if the display is not up to scratch you will suffer irritation, eyestrain and maybe even headaches. Sort it out with these tweaks.

Use advanced print features in TextEdit

In some ways TextEdit is a nice little word processor that can be used to create documents on your Apple Mac, but in other ways it can be very frustrating and basic features are missing. In this article I will look at one useful feature that you may not have spotted and then look at a feature that is missing and see how to get around the problem.

Speed up your Mac by defragmenting the disk drive

Everyone knows that Windows computers slow down over time because the files on the disk drive become fragmented. Everyone knows that the Mac’s disk never needs defragmenting. But is this true? No.


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