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In a car you have a speedometer, rev counter, clock, odometer, temperature (engine and cabin), fuel gauge, and maybe even more displays. What about your Mac? If you want to know the status of your Mac get MagicianPaster.

We have all this information in front of us in a car, yet with a computer we know next to nothing about what is going on inside it. It is just a box with a keyboard and a display. Is it getting too hot? Is the processor working flat out? Is the disk drive over-worked? Is there any memory left?

The status of all these components are hidden. However, you might notice that your Mac is slow for some reason. It might take a long time to download a file or access a website. It could feel warm to the touch, but is it too warm or just normal warm? It could take a long time to open an app.

The CPU, memory, disk, internet, and battery (in the case of a MacBook) all have an effect on the performance, yet we cannot see the status. MagicianPaster is a free app from the Mac App Store that puts that right. It shows you exactly what is going on inside your Mac and it looks fantastic.


There are eight information panels that look like notes that are pinned to the desktop. They can be fixed in place or moveable and you can choose which ones to display. You could, for example, just display the clocks, which displays the time in up to four different places in the world, if that is all you are interested in. You could just display the memory and processor activity, or show all eight. It is up to you.

MagicianPaster for Mac

Each of these notes contains comprehensive information, but they can be shrunk to just show a title bar containing basic details. This reduces the amount of screen space that they take up. Mouse over a bar and it expands a little to show more information, such as a live chart of network activity.

The processor panel shows the CPU model and the activity of the cores as mini scrolling charts. It shows the percentage usage, total processes and threads.

The memory panel shows the total memory and type, and memory usage broken down into free, inactive, active and wired. This is technically correct, but actually not helpful unless you know how to interpret the figures. There is an article here on memory usage.

MagicianPaster for Mac

The network activity is one of the most useful and it can be very helpful to have this on the screen whenever you are connected to the internet. It shows the data uploaded and downloaded as scrolling charts, the total data downloaded and uploaded. The Peak shows the maximum speed achieved and your IP address (the Mac’s and not your external one).

The disk panel shows the activity over time as a live scrolling chart and the read and write speeds are shown. The used and free space can be seen in GB and as a bar across the bottom.

MagicianPaster for Mac

The battery panel is useful even though there is a battery indicator in the menu bar. It shows the charge remaining, number of charge cycles and health, and the time taken to charge. The temperature panel shows the CPU, battery, motherboard and disk temperatures. It can be useful to keep an eye on them when the Mac is working hard in warm weather.

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I really like this utility and it is useful to pin these panels to the desktop. Shrink them to a tiny bar if you want, but I like the full versions. The only problem I had was that the position and size of the panels was not saved when I quit. Every time the app is started, the panels must be opened, positions and sized. If it could remember the position and size, it would be perfect.

MagicianPaster for Mac

Title: MagicianPaster
Price: Free
Developer: Magician Software
Version: 1.1.1
Size: 5.5 MB
OS X: 10.6 or later



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