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Microsoft OneNote, part of the Office suite of applications, is now available from the Mac App Store for free. Just open the App Store, search for OneNote and install it. It is a 200MB+ download, so do it at home on a fast broadband connection rather than at a free Wi-Fi access point that might be slow or cost you money. It's a great app with a lovely design that is really useful for creating and storing notes.

OneNote for the Mac has borrowed design elements from the PC version of Office and there is large ribbon boar at the top. There is a menu too as OS X forces apps to have one, unlike Windows, but everything you need is on the ribbon.

Onenote creates notebooks and these can have any number of pages. One each page you can store text, images, web links, tables, clippings from web pages, screen shots and so on. It is a place to collect and store information that you want to remember. This could be for a work project, a school project or homework assignment, a hobby and so on. Anything that requires research and note-taking can benefit from OneNote.

OneNote for the Mac

When OneNote is started, it syncs with notebooks stored elsewhere, such as the OneNote web app (go to, or OneNote run on another computer. It does this through your Microsoft account and you sign in with an (Hotmail email address).

An interesting feature of OneNote is that text can be placed anywhere on the page. Just click the cursor wherever you want to place it and start typing. Let the mouse hover just to the left of text so the arrow appears and paragraphs can be dragged up and down to change their order. Heading and text styles can be applied. Text boxes can be resized by dragging the right corner to adjust the width. Text boxes can be dragged around the page by clicking and dragging the header bar.

Tables are easy to create hitting the Tab key creates a table automatically. Type the table headings, tabbing between each one and then press Enter after the last one. You can then type in each row of data, tabbing from cell to cell and pressing Enter at the end of the row.

Pictures can be pasted in, then selected and resized by dragging the handles in the corners.

In some ways OneNote is like Evernote and that must be its main competitor. It is hard to choose between thenm. If you need a note-taking app then give OneNote a go. It's pretty good.


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