iTunes music volume too low? Problem solved!

When listening to music using iTunes, does the sound volume go up and down from track to track or album to album? Volume problems are easily solved by adjusting the audio settings.

If you are listening to a playlist in iTunes you may have experienced a slight irritation in that most tracks play OK, but some of them are louder or quieter than others. Tey stand out from the rest by playing at a different volume. You then have to adjust the volume setting on the speakers or earphones.

Sometimes a loud or quiet track is intentional and an album may contain a collection of tracks that rise and fall in intensity, emotion and volume. One track may be gentle, soothing and slower, whereas others may feature loud, fast and intense rhythms. This is not the problem.

What is irritating is when different albums appear to be recorded at different volumes. When the whole album is the same volume you can just set the volume control on the speakers or earphones appropriately, but when one track is in a playlist with tracks from other albums, if it is not the same volume then it stands out. You don’t want to have to manually adjust the volume on the speakers or headphones with every track that plays.

Fortunately, there are solutions.

iTunes running on an Apple Mac is used here, but everything applies to iTunes in Windows too. Right click any music track in any view and select Get Info on the menu.

iTunes track context menu

In the window that opens, select the Options tab and drag the slider near the bottom where it says volume adjust. This sets the volume for the selected track only and no others are changed.

Adjust track volume in iTunes

This is very useful if just one or two tracks on an album are too quiet or too loud. If you want to change the whole a album, click the first track, Shift+click the last track to select them all, and then right click them and select Get Info.

iTunes track context menu

This time it asks if you are sure you want to edit the information on multiple tracks. Click Edit Items.

iTunes dialog

Now you can adjust the volume for all the tracks with the slider. Drag it to the left or right. Usually just a small change is sufficient.

Adjust track volume in iTunes

While you have this window open, you can set the equalizer for the track or tracks that are selected. If the track(s) have weak bass for some reason, of if you simply like a thumping bass, select Bass Booster, or whatever equalizer effect you prefer.

iTunes adjust equalizer

There is an alternative method of adjusting the volume of the music that may be preferred. Go to the iTunes menu and select Preferences.

iTunes preferences

Select Playback and tick the Sound Check option. This automatically makes all the tracks the same volume.

iTunes make all tracks the same volume

The problem with this is that intentionally loud or quiet tracks would be adjusted and you would not hear them as the artist intended. Some people might prefer setting all the tracks the same volume, but others will prefer to adjust individual tracks or albums. It is your choice.




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