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Security on websites, services, computers, mobile phones and tablets is a pain. One of the most irritating features is the way that almost everything you use these days needs a password. It's impossible to remember them all. 1Password is one solution and currently it is half price.

Note: This article was originally written in 2014. See the update below

Many people use simple passwords for their computers, websites, email, online banking and shopping and so on. Some people even use the same password for almost everything they log in to. This is a bad idea for two reasons.

One is that simple passwords are easy to guess and the other is that having obtained one password, a thief, hacker or whoever, can then access everything you use that password for.

It is commonly thought people have difficulty inventing complex passwords and that's why they use simple ones over and over again. The real problem is that we can't remember them. 1Password is one possible solution and it remembers passwords for you.

It works on OS X, Windows, iOS and Android, but is perhaps best known as a password manager for the Apple Mac.

1Password password manager

1Password is a great program, but its high price has always put off some people. However, the price was recently cut in half, making it much more appealing and perhaps worth considering if you don't currently have a password manager. 1Password for Mac was $49.99, but is now $24.99 for a single license. How long it will stay at this price point is unknown, so if you intend to buy it you should do so sooner rather than later in case it goes up again.

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The software does more than remember website login details and it can also securely store notes, credit cards and a variety of other information. It can generate complex passwords for any service you need to log in to, and it stores them so you don't have to remember them. You don't even need to type them in and they are entered automatically. It supports Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Opera web browsers.

1Password Udate - Mar 2015

Special offers come and go and sometimes prices are down and then they are back up again. The half price offer is no longer available unfortunately, but there may be other deals on offer depending on when you are reading this. A search on the web turned up a money-saving coupon code. When you click the button to purchase 1Password, at the checkout there is a link to enter a coupon code.

1Password voucher code

Click the link and enter MacPowerUsers in the coupon code box. The price is instantly reduced. As with the half price offer, it is only for a limited time, so grab it while you can.



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