Momentum makes new tabs in Chrome more useful and beautiful

Momentum Chrome extension beautifies the new tab page and also adds some useful new features, such as a to-do list manager.

Safari is a fine web browser on the Apple Mac, but it cannot compete with Chrome when it comes to extensions. Momentum gives Chrome tabs beautiful makeover and adds productivity features.

The amazing array of extensions is one of the reasons why Mac users often prefer to browse the web with Google Chrome instead of Apple Safari. Add Momentum and new tabs in Chrome are transformed from the dullness that is the default into something more exciting and useful.

A visual treat on a new tab

Open a new tab in Chrome and a fantastic photo is displayed. It looks great and this makes you feel great too, so you start off the day in a happy frame of mind. There is a different image every day.

Momentum extension for Chrome browser adds a new tab page

Also on the new tab page is a large clock so you are reminded of the time. The Mac puts the time in the menu bar of course, but here it is so big you can’t forget what time it is. There is also a greeting, such as ‘Good evening, Roland’ (you enter your name when it is first installed).

At the bottom of the new tab page is an inspirational and motivational quote. As with the photo, this is designed to give get you working and forget about any problems you might have.

Tasks on tabs

Momentum is not just a pretty picture with a clock and it is also a to-do list. You can enter the main task to perform today below the clock and greeting, so you are reminded about the most important task to be done every time a new browser tab is opened.

A checkbox enables you to tick this off when it is done. Another to-do task can then be added.

Momentum is a to-do list that is accessed from new tabs in Chrome browser

In the bottom right corner is Todo and clicking it displays a pop-up panel in which you can create a to-do list with multiple items. Completed tasks can be ticked off with the checkboxes. If you spend a lot of time in Chrome then having your to-do list on a new tab is quite convenient.

A list of links and weather information

In the top left corner is Links and clicking it displays a drop down panel that you can add bookmarks too. Although Chrome has bookmarking, they often become a disorganised collection that is in a random order, which makes it hard to find sites you want to visit. The Momentum bookmarks could help by providing an extra place to put your favourite sites.

Momentum Chrome extension adds new features to new tabs, such as a links list

In the top right corner is a mini weather report and it shows the temperature and a little graphic showing the current conditions, such as sun or cloud.

Configure Momentum

The gear in the bottom left corner displays a panel that has a large number of configuration options organised into sections. Many of them, and certainly the most interesting, are only available with a Momentum subscription, which costs $2.50 a month.

There are still plenty of configuration settings in the free extension and you can show or hide the links, to-do, quote, weather, today’s task, search and bookmarks bar. There are lots of options for customising the links panel and bookmarks.


Momentum is a free extension that provides useful features on new tabs in Chrome and subscribing unlocks even more features. It could improve your productivity with its quote of the day, photo, and to-do list.

App: Momentum 
Price: Free / $2.50 a month
Requires: Chrome browser
Verdict: Makes new tabs more fun.



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