Great apps to monitor your MacBook’s battery charge and condition

Monitor the battery on an Apple MacBook and reduce the battery drain so it lasts longer. See the health of the battery

How is your MacBook’s battery? Is it healthy and holding its charge or fading too fast? If you think there may be a problem, these two battery apps help you monitor it and get more from it.

There are many apps for monitoring the status and health of the battery in a MacBook and I looked at three free battery apps here. You can even check the battery in your iPhone and iPad using your Mac.

Here are two more battery utilities and they perform different tasks.


Price: Free | By: Magnetism Studios | Size: 6.3MB | macOS: Not specified

Endurance is not in the Mac App Store and there isn’t a lot of information on the website. On the app’s Settings menu it says it is a beta, but it seems OK.

The app adds an infinity symbol to the right side of menu bar and when it is clicked, it shows a menu. At the top it displays the battery charge and the time remaining (macOS doesn’t show the time anymore).

Endurance app for the Apple MacBook aims to extend the battery life

There is also an option to manually turn on Low Power Mode. In the settings you can configure this to automatically turn on when the battery level reaches a certain value, such as 40% or 50%. The app then dims the screen, monitors apps for excessive battery use, hide background apps, monitor Flash (you shouldn’t be using it anyway), and slows down the processor. Each of these items can be enabled or disabled separately from the menu.

The idea is that low power mode extends the time remaining on the battery. I haven’t been running it long enough to see if it makes a bigger difference to battery life than Energy Saver in System Preferences, but it is certainly worth trying.


Price: Free | By: Kromtech Alliance Corp. | Size: 7.3MB | macOS: 10.9 or later

Chargeberry is free in the Mac App Store and it is a very nicely designed app that looks good and provides lots of useful information about the state of the MacBook’s battery.

The menu bar icon displays the percentage change and time remaining in hours and minutes, and there is a little graphic showing the charge visuallty. This means you can disable the macOS battery indicator in System Preferences because it is no longer needed.

Chargeberry battery monitor for Apple MacBook

Click the menu bar icon and a panel is displayed with two tabs. Battery Info shows the time remaining for different activities, such as web browsing, music, movies and standby. It also shows the health, such as the age of the battery, the manufacture date, the current maximum charge and what it was when it was new, the number of cycles used (a cycle is using 100% charge, not necessarily all in one go, it can be spread over days, with recharges in between).

The battery at the top is animated, just for fun, but it also shows the current charge and there is a comment on the health of the battery. I have used mine every day for 5 years and it is still in good condition.

Chargeberry battery monitor for Apple MacBook

On the Controls tab you can choose whether to show the battery percentage and time left. There is also an option to notify you when the battery falls below 40%. It is better to keep it topped up rather than run it till the MacBook shuts down at 5% every time.

Chargeberry is a great app for monitoring the battery level and health.



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