Monitor the battery in your iPhone and iPad remotely on your Mac

iBetterCharge app for the Apple Mac monitors the battery level in your iPhone and iPad remotely over the Wi-Fi network. See when they need charging.

Do you often find the battery in your iPhone or iPad really low just when you need it most? Add a free menu bar widget to your Mac to alert you whenever they need charging. It works wirelessly.

We all forget to charge our iPhone or iPad occasionally and it can be very irritating when we need them. You might be heading out and need to take your phone, but you discover that the battery is down to 20% charge.

You might want to use your iPad to watch a Netflix movie, but discover you forgot to charge it and it is down to 15% battery. It can be plugged into the mains of course, but then you must sit within three feet of a wall socket.

It is really annoying when you have a partner or family and several devices. There might be a couple of phones and a couple of iPads in a family and they just don’t seem to realise that they must charge them up until a warning comes on the device’s screen.

If only there was some way to monitor the charge in your iPhones and iPads.

Install iBetterCharge

There is a solution and it is called iBetterCharge. This is a small app that can be downloaded for free and after extracting the app from the zip, it is dragged to the Applications folder to install it.

Drag the iBetterCharge app to the Applications folder to install it

Run the app and click through the warning message, it is OK. It adds a new icon to the menu bar at the right side.

macOS shows a warning message for apps downloaded outside of the Mac App Store

Add iOS devices

A screen like this is displayed and you must plug an iPhone or an iPad into the Mac using a USB cable. The device will be detected and automatically added to the menu on the iBetterCharge menu.

Connect an iPhone or iPad to the Mac to link it to iBetterCharge app

Unless you have configured it not to, plugging in an iOS device will trigger iTunes. Select the device in the toolbar and make sure that it is set to sync with the Mac over Wi-Fi. That is how iBetterCharge tracks the battery charge in the device remotely. Nothing needs to be installed on the iPhone or iPad to monitor the battery charge.

Set up Wi-Fi syncing with iPads and iPhones in iTunes on the Apple Mac

Provided you are on the same Wi-Fi network, such as at home or work, the device name and battery charge appear at the top of the menu.

Use the Add New Device menu to add all your other iOS devices and they will app appear on the menu. At any time the iBetterCharge icon in the menu bar on the Mac can be clicked to see the charge of all your devices.

iBetterCharge menu bar app on the Apple Mac shows the battery level on iPhones and iPads

In the preferences it is possible to configure warning notifications and sounds when the battery of any of the monitored devices falls below a certain value. The range is 5% to 50%.

Configure iBetterCharge app on the Mac to give warnings when the iPhone or iPad battery is too low

This means that you should never forget to charge up your iPhone and iPad and if others in the home use iPhones and iPads you can see the charge and gently remind the person to plug in the charger.

Bear in mind that the devices need to be plugged into a Mac to set up the sync, so I'm not sure it would work with devices on different iTunes accounts.

App: iBetterCharge
Price: Free
By: Softorino
macOS: Not stated. Assume a recent version is required
Verdict: This is an interesting utility that could be useful for many people.





This is great information! We'll be giving this a try later this week.

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