Problems with the Apple Reminders app and alternatives to Reminders

How tp print from the Apple Reminders app and alternatives to Apple Reminders.

Is Apple Reminders not working? That depends on what you are trying to do and if you tried to print a Reminders list you will have discovered there is no print option. What is the solution?

Reminders on the Apple Mac and on the iPhone is a very simple utility that is easy to use. You can quickly create a list of tasks or things that you need to remember and by clicking the (i) at the right side of an item, you can choose to be reminded on a day or at a location.

After building a list of items in Reminders, you may have wanted to print them out. Sometimes it is useful to have a printed list of items you need to remember or be reminded about.

Unfortunately, despite people complaining for years that there is no print function in Reminders, Apple has yet to add one. Notes can be printed in the Apple Notes app, but Reminders lists cannot.

Apple Reminders app has no print function

There is a workaround that will get a Reminders list printed, but it is a bit of an ugly solution.

How to print Reminders lists

1 Open a Reminders list

2 Click just to the left of the (i) in the first item to select it

3 Hold down the Shift key and press the down arrow key to select additional list items. Alternatively, Press Command+A to select all items or Command+click to the left of the (i) to select individual items

Select all the items in an Apple Reminders list

4 Press Command+C to copy the selected items

5 Open TextEdit, Notes, Pages or some other app that can print text

6 Press Ctrl+V to paste the text into a document or note

An Apple Reminders list pasted into TextEdit

7 Use the Print function in the app to print the Reminders list

It is a bit of a hassle doing this, but it works.

Cannot stop location reminders

One problem I have with Reminders and I have Googled it and found a few others with it, but no solution, is that I get reminded when leaving a location. It happens on both my MacBook and iPhone (because Reminders syncs). I clearly remember setting up this reminder to test location aware reminders. It worked great, too great, in fact, it won't stop. Ever!

Despite deleting every reminder in the Reminders app and everything in Calendar (just in case), I still get reminded when I leave this location. It seems I will forever be reminded about this.

Anyone got any ideas?

Alternatives to Apple Reminders app

Is there an alternative to Apple Reminders? Yes, but why would you want one?

One of the nice features of Reminders is that the Mac desktop app syncs with the iPhone app so you can access your reminders on the go. This is vert useful if you have an iPhone, but not everyone does. Some people have Android phones. Some people also use Windows PCs too. 

There is no Android app and no Apple Reminders for Windows. What is the alternative?

Wunderlist is a great app and it is available for free from the Mac App Store where it has an almost perfect score. It is owned by Microsoft these days and in some ways it is the opposite of Reminders. Apple’s app is simple, basic even, and has few features.

Wunderlist on the other hand has a huge range of features. It is almost like a group collaboration tool. It can be used as a simple reminders app though. Just click in the Add a to-do box and type in the reminder item.

Wunderlist app for the Apple Mac

Click a list item in Wunderlist and a panel opens on the right. In there you can set a due date and time and a reminder date and time, so you can be reminded the day before an event. There are also options to add subtasks, notes and comments. 

Printing options in Wunderlist for the Apple Mac

Wunderlist is available as a Mac desktop app, Windows app, iPhone app, and Android app. It can also be accessed through a web browser.

It is worth considering if you need to access reminders on non-Apple devices and computers, and if you need more features than Apple Reminders.



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