Schedule social shares from Safari on the Mac with extensions

Great Safari extension on the Apple Mac for posting to social networks. Share any web page you find when browsing the web.

Whether it is for fun or for your business, blog, or website, sharing great online content on social media is made easier with these extensions to Safari on the Apple Mac. They are free!

Sharing great articles, images and links you discover while browsing the web is a great way to build your profile on social networks. People love discovering great content and when you share it with others, you help them to discover it too.

Sharing topics of interest is a good way to build the number of followers of your social accounts like Twitter, Facebook pages and groups, LinkedIn, Google+ and so on. The benfit of a large following is that it makes you an important influencer and this is good if you run an online business, blog or website.

If you do have a site, it can be tempting to share just your own content, but you should also share other peoples too. If you see a fantastic article on the web, something that would be useful to your social followers, then share it with them.

I have covered automating social media sharing to save time and effort in an online course and that is recommended reading for anyone that wants to cut down on the amount of work required when sharing lots of updates. If you want more information on the services covered by the Safari extensions below, there are step-by step guides in the course.

Here I want to look at a closely related topic, extensions for Safari that enable you to share web finds more easily on social networks. You can share articles with a couple of clicks of the mouse and it can be scheduled to be shared across multiple social networks at a time and day of your choosing.

To find these extensions, open Safari, go to the Safari menu and click Safari Extensions. They are all in the Social Networking category. Click the Install link and a new button is added to the Safari toolbar.

Safari toolbar on the Apple Mac showing extensions buttons Safari extension is a social media automation service and before the Safari extension can be used, you must sign up for an account at the website. Free accounts are available and it allows you to add up to three social accounts and post 10 times a day to each one.

Once you have joined, the button can be clicked whenever you are browsing the web and want to share the current page. A window opens that contains a ready-made social share. There is the page title, link and image preview.

You can choose the social networks to share to and the text can be edited if you want to change it. Safari extension for sharing with social networks

Social shares can be queued by clicking the button or three alternative options are available by clicking the arrow on the button. You can share the post now, share it next (using a schedule set up in your account on the site), or schedule it to be posted on any day at any time you choose.

This is a simple sharing facility that is useful and easy to use. It is recommended.

SocialPilot Safari extension

SocialPilot is another web service for automating social shares and saving you time and effort. There is a free Starter plan that enables you to add up to three social networks and post 10 times a day to each of them. Up to 30 posts can be queued.

Sign up, log in, add your social accounts and then add the extension to Safari. It adds a button to the toolbar. When you find something you would like to share on social media, click the SocialPilot button in the toolbar and a window opens to enable you to see and customise the post.

You can choose which social accounts to post to and there is a nice preview of the post in the lower half of the window. It contains an image preview, title and description. The text of the post can be edited in the box at the top and a character counter lets you know how many remain for Twitter.

The Add to Queue button adds the post to a queue (you set up a posting schedule on the site), but clicking the arrow reveals four options. It can be shared now, shared next (jumps the queue if there are other shares waiting to be posted), you can schedule the post to occur on any day and time, and there is a Repeat Post option.

SocialPilot Safari extension for sharing with social networks

Posts can be repeated on a schedule, such as daily. That’s useful for Twitter where you need to repeat shares several times to maximize the number of people that see it.

This is another great extension for Safari and is recommended.

Buffer Safari extension

Buffer is one of the best known social sharing automation services and many people use it to schedule updates. What you might not know is that there is a Safari extension that makes posting and scheduling social shares easier than visiting the website.

If you don’t have Buffer, sign up for a free account at the website. It supports the most popular social networks and lets you schedule up to 10 posts for each one.

After signing up and adding your social networks, add the Safari button and you can share your web finds. A nice feature of the Buffer extension is that it shows mini previews for each of the social networks.

Buffer Safari extension for sharing with social networks

There is a big difference between Twitter and Facebook for example, and customising the post for each service is simpler and more obvious. Click the one-line snippet shown in the screenshot above and it shows the full post. You can then edit the text to make sure Twitter is under 140 characters, add more text to Facebook, which allows hundreds of characters, and so on.

The social share can be posted now, added to the queue (set a schedule at the website), or manually scheduled to occur on any day or time.

This is another recommended extension.

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