Security fixes for Apple TV

When you hear about security flaws and patches, you immediately think about OS X, Safari, and other applications, but there are other gadgets and devices that can present security problems too. Apple has released two updates for Apple TV within a month, for example. Is yours up to date?

Security update 6.01 for Apple TV was released on 21st February and 6.1 was released on 10th March. According to Apple, "An attacker with a privileged network position may capture or modify data in sessions protected by SSL/TLS" and 6.01 fixed this by restoring missing validation steps. It is the same issue that afflicted other Apple products including iOS on the iPhone and iPad, and OS X on the Mac. It was a company-wide security flaw.

Apple TV

The Apple TV 6.1 update fixed around a dozen flaws in the device, such as logging sensitive information, malicious applications causing the system to terminate, bypassing code signing, buffer overflows when viewing JPEGs and PDFs, and more.

So what can you do to secure your Apple TV? Some people just plug it in and forget about it. They don't even use the remote control because the iPhone or iPad can be used as the remote. You can choose Netflix, photos, and other apps and mirror them to the Apple TV, so the remote isn't needed. Till now, that is,

Press the menu button on the remote to bring the Apple TV out of sleep mode (assuming your TV is switched on and tuned to the right input). Select the Settings icon on the home screen, select General, select Software Updates. There is an option to check for software updates and to install them, but there is also an option here to turn on automatic software updates. If this is not turned on, select it and turn it on. Just let the Apple TV update itself as and when necessary.



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