How to share files from Apple iCloud using just your web browser

Files on the Apple iCloud website can be shared by visiting the site in a browser. Share files with friends.

I recently looked at the new facility in macOS High Sierra that enables you to share files on iCloud. Can you access the sharing features on the iCloud website with just a web browser? Yes!

If you can share files from your Mac, why would you need to be able to share files using a web browser on

One reason is that you may not be at your Mac and you could be at work using a company Mac that is not signed in to your iCloud account and does not have your files.

You might even be forced to use a Windows PC at work. What if during a break you decide to share some files with your friends or relatives? You can now do it with a browser on any Mac or PC as easily as using your own Mac.

Login to iCloud

Go to the iCloud website in a web browser and log in with your Apple ID - the one used for the iTunes and App stores.

Open iCloud Drive

When the home page appears, click the iCloud Drive icon.

The Apple iCloud website in Safari browser

Upload files

Any file that is already on iCloud can be shared and you can also upload files from whatever computer you are using. Just click the Upload icon in the toolbar. I uploaded a couple of photos from the disk drive.

Get information on files on iCloud Drive at the iCloud website

Use the Add People icon

Select a file and the new Add People icon in the toolbar lights up ready to use. Click it and a window opens that is very similar to the one that is displayed on the Mac.

Add people to share files using the iCloud website

Invitations and permissions

There are only two sharing options, Email and Copy link. I am going to get a link to the file that I can share anywhere - in emails, on web pages, in messages, on Facebook and so on. Expand the Share Options section and you can choose to make the file accessible only by those people you invite (type their email or name into the Add box above), or everyone.

File sharing options on the Apple iCloud website

You can also choose to allow people to make changes to the file or only to view it (they can download a copy if they want to change it).

Anyone can view

You can choose to let anyone with the link to view (or download) the file. The box to ad people then disappears.

Share a file on the Apple iCloud website

Get the link

Click Share in the bottom right corner and the link is displayed. It is highlighted and copied to the clipboard. You can now paste this into emails, messages, web pages, social networks and so on.

A link to a shared file on the Apple iCloud website

Access a public link

As with sharing in macOS, if someone clicks a publicly shared link, they see this in their web browser when they access it. They can download it or add it to their own iCloud Drive.

Access a shared file on the iCloud website

If a link is shared with people you invite, they must sign in with an Apple ID to access the file.

View shared file info

If the file is selected on iCloud and the people icon is clicked, this window appears. It shows who the file is shared with and the Share Options permissions.

View and modify the options for a file shared on iCloud

The share is not set in stone and every part can be changed. For example, you can remove access for people, change the permission from allowing them to make changes to letting them only view it. You can stop sharing, or change a share from invited people to anyone and make it public.

With a few small differences, all the macOS High Sierra sharing options are available via the iCloud website from any computer - Mac, Windows or Linux.



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