Shiny Soap cleans your Mac's disk

Shiny Soap for MacA question posted in an Apple help forum was "How do I clean my Mac's disk drive?" The reply was "You don't need to do that on a Mac." It is one of the many myths surrounding the Mac and although it may be better than some operating systems, it certainly does need cleaning occasionally to get rid of the file clutter. A clean disk will be more efficient than one that is clogged up with unnecessary files.

Shiny Soap is designed to keep the system clean by scanning the disk drive for three categories of clutter. These are junk files, leftovers and unused apps.

The home screen is the most attractively designed of any cleanup utility and it is obviously designed to look like a washing machine. It is an animated image that shows the water sloshing around in the tub.

Shiny Soap for Mac

Click the big Start Scan button and when it has finished it will tell you that your Mac is dirty. You can simply click the Start Cleanup button, but most people will want to know what it will remove before proceeding and there is a button to show the details.

Shiny Soap for Mac

The Junk Files and Leftovers section can be expanded to show the individual items and each one has tick boxes that enable you to include or exclude them from the cleanup. Everything is ticked by default because it is safe to remove the files.

Shiny Soap for Mac

Items in the Unused Apps section are not automatically included. It lists apps that haven't been used for three months or more and you must tick the ones you want to remove. This is useful.

Download the free trial and you can search for junk files and view the complete list. It will clean only a limited number of files, just over 100MB of my Mac, and to remove all of them requires you to activate the app with a license. Shiny Soap costs $29.99 for a Basic License, $44.99 for a Pro license and $69.99 for an Ultimate license. You don't get any more features in Pro and Ultimate and they just includes updates and support.

Shiny Soap is a bit light on features compared to rivals such as EasUS CleanGenius and CleanMyMac, and the Pro and Ultimate editions are overpriced. It has nice graphics and is easy to use though, and in time this could be a great app with a few more features. It's one to watch.



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