Convert video and audio files from one format to another

Convert video and audio files from one format to another with Smart Converter on the Apple Mac.

There are dozens of video and audio file formats and the Mac can play some, but not others. Even when they play on the Mac, they may not play on the iPhone or iPad. Here is the solution.

There are several video and audio file converters and Handbrake is brilliant. However, it is quite complicated and for some people it is just too confusing. You need to be fluent in geek speak, know your bits from your bytes, and the ins and outs of various encoders.

Get it if you really need a fine degree of control over file conversions.

Most people are happy just to get a file to play and Smart Converter is a free utility in the Mac App Store that just does that. It hides all the technical information and it keeps the whole process as simple as possible.

When the app is run, it displays a window on the desktop and you just drag a video or audio file from a Finder window and drop it on Smart Converter.

There is a mini preview window and basic file information in the top half of the window and a row of buttons along the bottom. There is one for Apple TV, Quicktime, the Mac, the iPad, iPhone and iPod. 

Click a button to select the output device and then click Convert.

Smart Converter video and audio file converter utility for the Apple Mac

You don’t have to specify what type of file the source is converted to and there are no options, such as bit rate, video dimensions, encoding scheme and so on. The app automatically selects the best format to use so you don’t have to worry about such details.

Convert files to other devices

There are a couple of extra buttons and one is Music. A video can be dropped on Smart Converter and by clicking the Music button, the audio is stripped out and saved to an audio file.

The More button is the most useful and it contains a list of devices from Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Sony, Android and others. You could drop an audio or video file on the app, select a Sony Playstation 4, Samsung Galaxy S4, Xbox 360 or whatever, and convert it to a supported playable format.

Smart Converter audio and video file converter for the Apple Mac

You don’t need to worry about the format and the app takes care of that.

Save to iTunes

When audio and video files are converted, they are automatically added to your iTunes library. This is a nice feature, although it would be useful to be able to choose whether to do this.

In fact, a complete lack of settings is the price to pay for simplicity. The app ‘just works’ as the saying goes. However, I would have liked to be able to tweak a few simple settings, such as choosing the output folder for the converted file. There is an option to show the file afterwards, which opens a Finder window, so you could easily move it elsewhere if you wanted. 

Even a simple Good or Best quality setting would be useful.

Smart Converter for the Apple Mac converts audio and video file formats

Even though it is very simple, Smart Converter will appeal to people that just want to convert and play audio and video files without getting bogged down in technical details.

App: Smart Converter (Mac App Store)
Price: Free
By: Systemic Pty Ltd
Size: 19.6MB
macOS: 10.9 or later
Verdict: Makes video and audio file conversion simple.



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