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Is your Mac vulnerable to the NTP hack?

Security threats are a new concept for Apple Mac users and their once impregnable and uninfectable computer is now looking increasingly like an attractive target for malware authors and hackers. No longer is it possible to ignore security issues and the Mac and OS X are vulnerable in ways we are only beginning to see. The latest threat is an NTP hack.

Who can see your Apple Mac’s Safari tabs?

It is hard to imagine using a web browser that does not have tabs and they are an essential feature necessary for using the internet. As you open tabs in Safari on your Apple Mac, do you realise that other people might be able to see them? Yes, it is true and it is an important issue that you need to be aware of.

Increase Safari security and privacy in macOS

Web browsers are the biggest risk to your privacy and security. These tips and tweaks make Safari on the Apple Mac safer and more secure

There is still a belief that Apple Macs do not get malware, but this simply is not true. OK, viruses are rare, but adware is common. Improve Safari security and privacy with these tips.

Is your Mac infected with the iWorm malware?

Could your your Mac part of a malware botnet? There is a new type of malicious software infecting Apple Macs and there is a chance that your computer could already be compromised. Reports say that only 17 - 18,000 Macs have been infected, so it is nowhere near as widespread as the Flashback worm that infected 600,000+ Macs a couple fo years ago, but it is still a worry. Here's how to check whether your Mac is OK.

How hackers get celebrity naked photos from iCloud

Over the past couple of days my email inbox has been filling up with messages from Apple. These express concern that my account has been used to buy items on the iTunes Store or App Store from a device that has not previously been connected to my account. Basically, someone has hacked into my account and is using it to buy stuff. Or have they?

Give your Mac a health check with ClamXav

When your Mac starts behaving strangely and not as it usually does, it makes you wonder whether it might have some sort of malware on it, such as a virus, Trojan or even a type of adware. It is rare for Macs to be infected, but it is not unknown, so when my Mac started playing up, I had to check it out and downloaded ClamXav.

Stop iTunes advertisers tracking your activities

iTunes iconAdvertisers are always looking for better ways to sell you even more stuff than they did previously and one way in which they do this is to track your activities in an attempt to see what you are interested in. iTunes does this on the Apple Mac and the question is, do you want iTunes tracking your activities?

Don't get caught out by this email scam

There are many email scams and people are constantly working on ways to fool you into revealing your bank details, login details to online services and so on. You need to be aware of the dangers and how to avoid them. Here is a typical email that tried to fool me into revealing my Apple ID - the username and password used to log into Apple services like iTunes. You might get a similar one, so take a look and learn how to spot the fakes.

Protect your Mac with Free Avira Antivirus for Mac

Avira AntivirusApple Macs are much less likely to be infected by malware like viruses, Trojans and other nasties than Windows computers, but they are not completely immune. There have been some well publicised virus infections in recent years and large numbers of Macs were affected by malware such as the Flashback Trojan, OSX/Crisis and others. Yes, the Mac is safer, but it is not 100% safe.

Security fixes for Apple TV

When you hear about security flaws and patches, you immediately think about OS X, Safari, and other applications, but there are other gadgets and devices that can present security problems too. Apple has released two updates for Apple TV within a month, for example. Is yours up to date?


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