How to use the bookmarks feature in Pages documents on the Mac

Use the brilliant bookmarks feature in Apple Pages when creating long documents on the Apple Mac. Create bookmark links to other parts of long documents.

Apple Pages on the Mac has a great feature that enables you to create bookmarks in documents that let the reader quickly jump to new sections. Here’s how to use Bookmarks in Pages.

Bookmarks in documents help the reader by letting them jump to sections that interest them or have the information they need.

A table of contents in a long document, such as a ebook, provides a way to jump to the chapters and sections, but the contents appears right at the start, whereas you can create bookmark links anywhere they are needed.

If you are on page 20 you don’t need to go back to page 1 and use the contents, a link can take you straight to related content.

Bookmarks in Pages documents work in a similar way to the links in web pages work and just as links on the web take you related information.

Links on web pages usually take you to a new page or even a new site, but links in Pages documents can take you to different parts of the same document, such as a section, subsection, chapter, and so on.

If you create long documents or ebooks using the Pages app on your Apple Mac, you should use bookmarks. However, don’t overdo them because you don’t want the reader constantly jumping back and forth in the text, but a few well placed ones can be useful.

Create a bookmark in a Pages document

  1. The first task is to select some text you want to link to.
  2. Click the Insert button in the toolbar.
  3. Select Bookmark to create a bookmark. The selected text will flash yellow for a second to let you know the bookmark has been created and then it returns to normal. The bookmark is then invisible.

Create a bookmark in an Apple Pages document

View bookmarks in a Pages document

Click the Document button at the right side of the toolbar and then select the Bookmarks tab below. All the bookmarks are listed and the pages they are on.

View the bookmarks in an Apple Pages document

The Add Bookmark button creates a new bookmark wherever the cursor is positioned. If no text is selected, it will be named Bookmark. If text is selected then that is used for the bookmark name.

Rename or delete Pages bookmarks

Ctrl+click or right click a bookmark in the Bookmarks panel and there are options to rename ir or delete it. This only removes the bookmark link and the text in the document is not changed in any way.

Delete or rename a bookmark in an Apple Pages document

Link to a bookmark in Pages

  1. To create a link to a bookmark, first select the text in the document.
  2. Click the Insert button in the toolbar and mouse over Link.
  3. The text can be linked to a web page, email or a bookmark. Select Bookmark.

Insert a link to a bookmark in an Apple Pages document

Set the link options

This little window appears and you can choose the type of link, which is Bookmark in this case. Below is the bookmark that will be linked to. It probably will not be the one you want, so click it.

Set a bookmark link in Apple Pages

(Notice the Remove button here. This is how you remove bookmark and other links.)

Select a bookmark

A list of bookmarks appears and you can select the one you want to use.

This list is in two parts. The top part shows the bookmarks you have created, but the bottom part shows suggested bookmarks. What are these?

Select a bookmark link in Apple Pages

Suggested bookmarks in Pages documents

Pages is able to suggest suitable parts of the document to link to by looking at the way the text is formatted. Click Manage Suggestions in that last screenshot.

Suggested bookmarks are generated from the items in this list. The checkboxes let you choose which items should be suggested.

For example, you might want suggested bookmarks to be generated only from text formatted with the Heading 2 style. Tick the box and clear the others.

Manage suggested bookmarks in Apple Pages

If you select a suggested bookmark in the last step, Pages creates a bookmark at that location and adds it to the bookmarks panel on the right.

This feature makes it super easy to use bookmarks in Pages documents. You don’t even need to create bookmarks and you can simply link to the titles of sections in the document.



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