Intel’s hot new processors for 2014

Intel is working on new processors and technologies for 2014 that will bring some exciting developments to the market. The company is focusing on all-in-one (AIO) computers that does away with the old separate boxes for the system and monitor. There will also be a top-of-the-range high powered eight core CPU for people that require extreme performance.

Intel says that new PC systems will be smaller and more portable and its AIO PC reference design called Black Brook has an integrated Intel RealSense 3-D camera, a quad microphone array, premium audio and a full HD display. You can watch a video of this in action at the Intel site.

A new unlocked 4th gen Core processor will be available mid 2014 and there will be an eight core and 16 thread Extreme Edition that offers the ultimate in processing power. It will be ideal for gamers, video editors and other users that need extreme power.

Intel Devil's Canyon CPU

The chip, code named Devil’s Canyon (because it’s as hot as hell?) has improved thermal interface and CPU packaging materials to enhance performance and enable overclocking. It will support the new DDR4 memory standard.

Intel will also bring out a new Pentium processor too, it will be an anniversary edition because it has been more than 20 years since that CPU was first introduced. It will have unlocked multipliers to allow the core and memory frequencies to be increased independently of the rest of the system. Just what overclockers need.

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