New version of Microsoft Office coming

Microsoft Office

Microsoft has announced that there are now 3.5 million subscribers to Office 365, the suite of applications including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The company has also revealed that there will be a new version of this suite and the aim is to boost subscriber numbers even more.

Here is the current deal and it is aimed at five users with either PCs, Macs or a mixture of both, plus up to five smartphones:

Microsoft Office

This is fine for large families, but in many households several licences will go unused. Why pay for five when there is only you that uses Office?

For this reason, Office 365 Premium will be renamed Office 365 Home and there will be a new Office 365 Personal subscription. This will allow one PC or Mac and one tablet to be used with the account.

Office 365 Personal will be priced at $69.99/year or $6.99 a month, so that is around a 30% saving. Keep an eye on for deals on Microsoft Office.

Microsoft is also rumoured to be working on an update to the Mac version of Office. It currently lags behind the PC version by a couple of years, but we should seen an update coming soon.

OneNote is part of the Microsoft Office suite of applications and it is an application that creates notebooks. It can be used to store text, images, documents, spreadsheets, and more, and it makes them all searchable. It is a handy tool for anyone that needs to take notes.

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A Windows 8 app has been free in the Microsoft Store since its launch, and rumour has it that Microsoft is working on a Mac version that will also be free. The Mac version will no doubt be part of an Office Mac overhaul. Whether it will be free is a different matter. The app is currently free for the iPhone and iPad, so there could well be an OS X version in the pipeline.

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