Back up Sticky Notes before you lose them

Sticky notes

Sticky Notes

Do you use sticky notes or Sticky Notes? The first kind are those paper notes with a sticky strip at the top that you can stick to your monitor, desk, fridge door and other places. The second kind is the computer version in Windows that lets you create and stick notes to the desktop. You wouldn’t want to lose them if they contain important data and you should back them up in case disaster strikes.

If you have not yet discovered the usefulness of Sticky Notes, they are a great way to store bits of information like notes for a project, URLs, text clipped from web pages and so on. Not passwords please!

To start Sticky Notes in Windows 7 go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, Sticky Notes. They can be difficult to find in Windows 8 thanks to the Start screen, and the best way to locate them is to search for them. On the Start screen just type ‘sticky notes’. Click Sticky Notes to start the app, or right click it and pin the tile to the Start screen. Better still, pin it to the taskbar as it is used on the desktop.

Sticky Notes

If you have a collection of notes pasted on the screen, where are they stored on disk? First we need to show hidden files, so open the Control Panel and click Folder Options. Select the View tab and select Show hidden files, folders and drives. Click OK to close the window, then open an Explorer window.

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Go to C:\Users \YourName \AppData \Roaming \Microsoft \Sticky Notes. There is a file there called StickyNotes.snt. This contains all the sticky notes. Copy the file to somewhere safe, such as a USB disk or flash memory stick. You could even put it on OneDrive. If you do this, and you use another computer with OneDrive, you could even copy it from OneDrive to C:\Users \YourName \AppData \Roaming \Microsoft \Sticky Notes on that computer to keep sticky notes on the two PCs the same. That’s an interesting possibility.

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