Play radio stations with Banshee in Linux


Banshee is a media player that is frequently bundled with Linux distros and it is a handy app for playing music. It has a built in radio facility, but the app does not give any clues as to how to use it. Here is how to add radio stations and play them using Banshee. I'll be using Linux Mint, but the technique is the same in all versions of Linux.

If you don't have Banshee, go to your Linux distro's Software Manager, Software Centre, Synaptic Package Manager or whatever it calls it. The Banshee website has a downloads section too.

Start Banshee and in the left hand panel, select Radio. You can either right click the Radio category or click the plus button in the toolbar at the top. A window opens for you to add a new radio station.


The question is, what do you enter into the form in order to add and play a radio station? Open a web browser window and go to SHOUTcast Radio. It is not the only place that has lists of internet radio stations, but it is a good place to start. You can choose the genre from the list on the left and the stations are shown on the right. Right click a radio station and select Copy Link Address.

Shoutcast radio

Switch back to Banshee and type in the station genre and the station name. Then click in the Stream URL box and press Ctrl+V to paste in the link address that was copied from the website. The Station Creator, Description and Rating boxes are optional and can be left blank. You can fill them in if you want, or you can return to this window and fill them in later. Click Save.

Banshee radio

Return to the SHOUTcast Radio website, or use similar websites to find links to streaming internet radio stations and add some more. When you have added some, just select one and click the play button. In a second or two it will start playing the music.



Banshee radio

Not all internet radio stations can be added to Banshee and some are designed to be played through the website using a web browser. What you need is a link to a .pls file. Sometimes this is labelled Winamp because it is the file format used by Winamp, but they work fine in Banshee too.

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  1. giantspacechicken // 2015/02/20 at 09:38 // Reply

    Very helpful, thankyou!

  2. Can you update this so it aligns with current ShoutCast options for downloading radio channels?

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