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Google Keep is a note taking app that can be accessed in a browser on the web, or using an app on your phone or tablet, and it works everywhere. It is a convenient place to store text, images, lists and other items.

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It can now turn images into editable text using OCR (optical character recognition).

To try this feature out, use your mobile phone to take a photo of a receipt. You can transfer this to a computer and upload it, but the best way is to fire up the Google Keep app on the phone and create a new image note from a photo.

Afterwards, go to to log into Google Keep on the computer. Select the photo of the receipt and it will look something like this:

Google Keep

There is a toolbar down at the bottom of the image and clicking the three dots displays a menu. Select Transcribe text. It finishes almost immediately and you'll see a notification at the top of the page. Click the image to view it.

Google Keep

There is a scrollbar at the right of this pop-up image viewer and scrolling down reveals the text recognised from the image. There is also a delete button on the image.

The awful colour scheme - light grey on white - makes it hard to see the buttons, but it's there if you look hard. Click the delete button if you no longer need the image.

Google Keep

Here is the note that was created. It started off as a photo of a receipt taken with a mobile phone and it was uploaded and turned into text using Keep's OCR facility. The original image was deleted and now there is a simple note containing editable text.

This is really just a test and you probably won't want to turn your Starbucks receipts into editable text.

It does show how the system works though and there could be lots of occasions where you have a paper document that want to turn it into editable text on your computer.

You can photograph it with your phone to create a Keep image note and then OCR it, turning it into a document.

That's a nice feature and Keep just keeps on getting better.

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