Set the default save location in Windows 8

Start screen tiles

Start screen tiles

Create a new document or file in an application in Windows 8, then go to the Save facility and you might find that it always defaults to the same location - OneDrive. It might be irritating if you don’t want to use that location and it is possible to turn off this feature. Not all programs use the default save location, but it’s worth knowing how to configure it.

Go to the Start screen and enter save location. Click the search result below, Choose a default save location for your files.

Use Windows 8 search

This takes you to OneDrive settings and another way to get here is to go to the charms on the right and click Settings, Change PC settings, OneDrive, File storage.

OneDrive is the default save location

The option, Save documents to OneDrive by default can be turned off by clicking the button. Restart Windows afterwards.

This won’t affect all programs, just those that are designed to use the default save location.

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