Customise Quick views in Windows Live mail

Email communications

Email communications

Windows Live Mail is a reasonably good email client that can be used for standard POP3 mail or online webmail like Gmail, and Yahoo! Mail. If you are used to Outlook Express running on XP, it makes sense to switch to Windows Live Mail when you upgrade. It has lots of useful features, such as the Quick views at the top of the left panel. It makes it easy to access unread email, flagged items and other messages. It can easily be customised and you can add extra views or remove ones that you never use.

Quick views in Windows Live Mail

To customise the Quick views, select the View tab and click the Quick views button. A long list of items is displayed, such as All drafts, All email (this includes junk email too), All junk email and so on. Just tick the ones you want and then click Ok. They appear in the Quick views list on the left.

Customise Quick Views in Windows Live Mail

Quick views can help you to sort the interesting mail from the rest of the inbox and Unread email and Unread from contacts are two great views that focus your attention on what is important.

The Quick views section can be completely hidden if you don’t find it useful at all. Select the View tab and at the right side, click the Quick views button. It toggles Quick views on and off, so clicking it again shows Quick views in the left panel again. It is your choice whether to show or hide it.

Custom email views

You can also create new custom views too, and these can be used to filter messages you are not interested in and to just show what is important.

Select an email inbox on the left, select the View tab and click the New view button in the ribbon. You could choose to hide read messages for example:

A Windows Live Mail custom view

You will only see the unread messages in this inbox and read ones will be hidden. To put things back the way they were, select the inbox and click New view in the ribbon. Select Show all messages and click OK.

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