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Access the World Wide WEb

Access the World Wide WEb

There are tens of millions of websites on the internet, but how do you discover them? Many people know the popular sites for news, sport, their favourite hobby or interest and so on, but obviously these are not the only sites that cover these topics and there must be many more alternatives. There may be even better alternatives, but how do you find them? Here is a Chrome extension that will list 10 alternatives to any website you view.

Go to the Chrome Web Store using Google's Chrome web browser and install Similar Sites Pro from the Extensions section. This adds a round globe-like button to the toolbar in the top right corner of the browser. (If you don't see toolbar buttons, move the mouse just past the end of the address box and when it turns into a double headed arrow, click and drag left.)

With Similar Sites Pro installed, just browse the web as you normally do and when you want to discover more websites like the one you are currently viewing, just click the toolbar button. A panel is displayed in the top right corner that shows alternative websites.

Discover alternative websites

There are six websites here and you can see a thumbnail image, the title, description and URL. More alternative sites can be seen if you drag the scrollbar down at the right-hand side. Clicking any one of these alternatives goes to that website.

It doesn't just work with the top sites and it appears to work with pretty much any site. It is a useful way to discover websites and you might find ones that are better than the ones you currently use. Try it and see.

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