Monitor web pages for changes automatically

Monitor display

Monitor display

Sometimes you want to know the minute a website or web page changes and it could be because of a breaking news story, concert tickets for your favourite artist going on sale, a new job listing you have been waiting for, and so on. Having to visit the site in a browser every few minutes is a pain, so why not automate the task? Page Monitor, a free Chrome browser extension, will let you know when web pages change by monitoring them automatically.

Page Monitor is available from the Chrome Web Store and it takes just a second or so to add to the browser. You will see a new button in the top right corner and left clicking it displays a panel like this:

Monitor websites with Page Monitor

Click to see a larger version of Page Monitor

At first you won't see much, but the page you are currently viewing can be added to Page Monitor's list of pages to be watched. Click Monitor This Page to add it. In the screen shot I have added to web pages and any number can be added. The toolbar button shows if there are changes to web pages being monitored and there is a View changes link to go to the page and display it. You can force Page Monitor to check for updates manually, but it will do it automatically.

Right click the Page Monitor icon in the toolbar and select Options. Click Advanced to see all the options available.

Page Monitor for Chrome advanced settings

Click for a larger version of Page Monitor's settings

A slider enables you to adjust the time interval between checks for updates to the web pages. There are several settings related to notifications and they can be displayed on the desktop, you can be alerted by a sound, there is animation, selectable badge colour and more. Just click the Remove link when you want to stop monitoring a web page.

Page Monitor is a simple idea, but it is a useful tool for watching pages without the hassle of actually having to watch them yourself.

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  1. Peter Skanberg // 2015/11/12 at 00:12 // Reply

    Simple and free solution with also Chrome plugin is also for example
    Chrome extension can be found here

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