Store Broker high CPU usage solved in Windows 8

Windows 8 Store

Windows 8 Store

An odd thing happened recently and I noticed that the fan on the computer was working harder than it should be. It wasn’t going flat out, but it was clearly audible when it is usually very quiet. This is a sign that the computer is working hard on something and the higher the workload, the more heat it generates, which in turn means the fan spins faster and causes more noise. Task manager showed that Store Broker was showing a constant high CPU usage.

A few other people have experienced this same problem and I am not the only one. In some cases people have reported 50% CPU usage or even as high as 90%. My PC was only running at 24 to 25%, but it was still annoying. You can see that everything else is pretty close to zero, so the CPU should be idling.

Store Broker high CPU usage

I don’t know what causes this and there doesn’t seem to have been any changes to the computer that would have triggered it, which is strange.

The solution, if you have this problem, is to go to the Control Panel in Windows 8 and open Windows Update. Check for updates and select them, then go to the optional updates and select those too, ignoring Bing Desktop which isn’t necessary.

Get optional updates in Windows Update

After downloading and installing the updates, then restarting Windows, everything was back to normal and there was no sign of Store Broker in Task Manager. I don’t know what was in the update because Microsoft doesn’t say, apart from that it fixes various problems in Windows 8.1.

My PC is running smoothly and quietly again, and has stopped blowing like a hair drier on maximum heat.

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2 Comments on Store Broker high CPU usage solved in Windows 8

  1. It was fixed temporary, but it just popups again….. Microsoft sucks.

  2. Roland Waddilove // 2014/06/27 at 06:55 // Reply

    Did you install all the optional updates? Most people have found that this problem goes away by itself after a few updates.

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