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Security is a constant worry and when you are using the internet there is always someone, somewhere that is watching you. Mostly it is harmless and advertisers are always trying to get better information about the people that see their adverts, websites want to know who their visitors are, and so on. That is understandable, but there could be others tracking your activities too. Avira Browser Safety is an extension for Chrome that aims to improve security by preventing tracking.

The extension can be added by visiting the Chrome Web Store and installing it. It adds a button to the right side of the address box, although it doesn't seem to do much. It just tells you that it is there and isn't disabled presumably.

As you browse the web, a small thin line appears at the top of the web page in the centre. Move the mouse over it and it displays a panel containing information about the site, such as whether it is safe (green means OK), and the number of ways in which the site tracks your activities.

Avira Browse Safety for Chrome

Here you can see that this is a safe website and there are 5 trackers. Clicking the trackers displays a screen like the one below. Avira Browser Safety has blocked five trackers. These are not necessarily malicious and in fact, most are harmless. They are blocked because they are simply not necessary. A few trackers are not blocked, so you might see another number showing the trackers that were allowed. Google Analytics is one that is allowed.

Avira Browser Safety for Chrome

So what are these trackers and what are they doing? Click the number and you can see the trackers for the current website. There are on/off switches for each one, so you could click a switch and unblock an item if you wanted to. You can search for these at Google or Bing if you want, but like it says, they are ad networks. Ad people always want to know who is watching their ads.

Avira Browser Safety for Chrome

There is an Exceptions item at the bottom of the list and it is possible to add websites as exceptions. Click Exceptions and you can add a website where tracking is allowed. Here is an example:

Avira Browser Safety for Chrome

Avira Browser Safety is not just about preventing advertisers from tracking you, it checks websites before you go there too. Perform a Google search for example and it adds an icon just to the left of each search result that tells you whether the site is safe or not. A green i means that it is OK and so you can click the link and go there.

This is a useful add-on for people that want to enhance browser safety. As mentioned above, don't get too worried about trackers because they are mostly harmless. Always remember that if you use Chrome's Incognito mode, you will avoid trackers because your browsing history is erased when the browser is closed. The next time you open Chrome to browse the web, you are completely unknown because the trackers have no previous history to read.

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  1. Unfortunately your cookie blocker does not indicate whether it is blocked or not. Not a clue. Green is blocked or clear is blocked? Worthless.

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