Show more tiles on the Windows 8 Start screen

Start screen tiles

Start screen tiles

The Windows 8 Start screen does not show every app and program that is installed and instead, it shows a small selection. The tiles are large and sometimes they have no name, so you can't fit many apps on the screen or tell what they are if you make them small.

Down at the bottom of the screen is an arrow button and clicking it displays the full list of apps and programs installed into Windows. This is better and it shows many more tiles, but if you have a lot of software, you will end up having to scroll sideways for ages to see them all.

The screen below doesn't show anywhere near all the apps. The alphabetical list goes up to P, but these are Windows 8 apps and even after Z there are dozens more tiles for traditional programs.

Start screen apps

There is a third, even more compact view that is useful, but it isn't obvious how to select it. Move the mouse to the bottom right hand corner of the screen to show the Charms bar and click Settings.

Select a more compact Start screen

Select Tiles and there is an option to Show more applications in Apps view. Turn this on. (There is no need to show the administrative tools on the Start screen because they can be accessed from the Control Panel.)

After making this tiny change, go back to the Apps view and now look at the difference. The apps now go to T, whereas before they only went to P. The icons are smaller so that more of them fit on the screen.

Compact Start screen apps

It is a useful tweak that lets you see more apps at a time and it reduces the need to scroll sideways and hunt for apps.

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